What Happens When all the oil goes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poet, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Hey. What are your visions of europe when all the countrys run out of oil?
  2. Convert all vehicles to run on chip fat. Its 'oil' been done before !
  3. Also works with animal fats, such as LARD, so be careful mate ;)
  4. Bugger. I'm now worth more dead than alive. Quick pass the beer I'm off to hide!
  5. Don't believe the media hype. There's still plenty of oil out there. It's just going to get a bit harder to find, as the decades pass. By the time it finally does run out, we will have developed new energy sources. Meanwhile, hydrogen engines are just around the corner.
  6. Sit around in rags in a post apolcalyptic desert, waiting for Mel Gibson to rock up with a bloody big tanker to save us all.
  7. start collecting "jerry curl" juice from the "african-american" community ?
  8. We pull out of Iraq
  9. We burn poor people.
  10. Perhaps the stocks might last a little longer if the Yanks get around to improving the fuel efficiency of their car engines (disgracefully poor). Otherwise we can use wind farms to capitlaise on the winds produced by global warming!
  11. Ah, the Ford "Hindenburg".

    Not that I'm a pessimist, or anything, but I just know what would happen - the humanity!

    On the positive side, councils would be hard put to ignore smoking craters the way they do pot-holes.
  12. move to iraq, (which we already own) send all the choggs over here (which is happening already) and live on solar power. there is loads of room out there, and we cna make our own beach