What happens when a town planner has had a long day naming streets and...

I've seen a "Primitive Place".

It did what it said on the tin.

Why is it all the really shit places in a town are named after poets (I've several estates with Keats, Shelly, Shakespeare, etc)?

Best place I ever saw was a right hole of a tower block in South London (Bermondsey I think) called Dolphin Tower. I turned up to a flat with the big red key on my shoulder, to see an armoured door with all the marks that previous cops with battering rams had left on it.
Now called 'Grape Street'

Incidently, Pudding Lane (where the fire started) was really called Puddings Lane and led to a cess pit.. puddings being the polite C17th name for turds.
See every day is a school day on ARRSE :biggrin: That may just come up in a quiz one day ........

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