What happens to the pay?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by al_zaine, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. I was just wondering after hearing a few thing what happens to the payments of soldiers who have served in the army.
    I have very little knowledge on the matter and the last thing I want to do is insult anyone, that's not why I'm here. I am actually considering joining the army which is why I'm curious about a few things. I have heard it said that there's a lot of soldiers homeless and recently I saw a video of a soldier who served 9 years and is claiming benefits because he was unable to settle in to a job after leaving. Whats up with that. Do they blow their wages or something. I'm just really confused by this.
  2. not really sure if you are a bit dim or something. "what happens to the payments of soldiers who have served in the army." are you asking "what do soldiers spend their wages on"?
  3. Some soldiers spend years in the Army, piss their wages up the wall every weekend, don't get a trade or do something which can transfer into civvy street, leave the Army without a penny to their name and can't get a job, become alcoholics and end up on the streets!

    Are you stupid enough to do this?
  4. What happens to their pay? Well now, the taxman takes some, the NIC people take some, the wife takes some, the army takes some back for accommodation charges if you are single and quartering charges if married. Then there is Pol (sorry, council) tax, VAT, beer, ice cream, HP payments on the car, car insurance, car tax, MOT's, petrol or diesel, servicing, TV license, shopping for food, clothes, household essentials like washing powder, caviare, Foi Gras, new shoes, shoe polish, treacle, condoms, lager, investments, insurances, holidays, yacht hire, pencil sharpeners, whisky, port, wine, a bit of puff, ski's, sports wear, lawn mower, mess kit, tires, weasel food,
    spray starch, toilet rolls, dish washer, washing machine, soap, kitchen rolls, thermal underwear, flyswatter, nipple clamps, butt plug, hair cut, tattoos, bird table, foot pump, SHED, tonic water, partridge in a pear tree, Christmas presents, birthday presents, electricity, gas, water, light bulbs, watering can, lawn food, weed killer, washing up liquid, first aid kit, vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, Regimental Association subscriptions, books, computer, printer, scanner, telephone line charges, telephone, fax, internet, lottery, milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, sugar, rat poison, cheese, mousetraps, fishing gear, waders, piss stained mattress charge, barrack room damages, taxi fares, mobile phone and charges, then there's kids clothes for the little girl you abducted, flea powder for the ferrets, cigars, cigarettes, cigars, champagne, prescription charges, parking fees, speeding fines, ...

    Just for starters.

  5. So you got my CV then
    I am a bit dim on the lifestyle of a soldier but it's becoming clearer now.
    I never thought you had to pay accommodation charges, bummer!!
    And I'm aware drinking is a big thing for soldiers but it seems like a shame to waste all your money. I just had it in mind that while your on duty you hardly spend and so end up building some nice savings to do what you want with when you leave so to speak.
    Yeah_Innit_Blud you seem the most honest and I appreciate that. What you described is what I feared was the case but hoped it wasn't.
    Guess you could just stay in the army until retirement, right?
  7. No become a pay NCO then you can steal money from the guys, or work in the QMs and sell the gear, just look at the cricket you could always sell your story to News Papers there's big BIG money to be made.
  8. al_zaine

    So what paper are you about to write an article for?

    "I am actually considering joining the army" my ARRSE.........
  9. Don't worry, mate. I'm still in and I've saved loads of money. I'm smart though.
  10. @Tiffy_A_Mech
    What are you talking about? Where did you get the idea I'm writing an article from??
    Yeah I am considering it, and working on my fitness!! I just wanted to get some information before jumping in an realising i've been screwed over!!!
  11. That's comforting!!!
  12. Look if your looking for a life of poverty, violence, alcoholism with a sprinkling of domestic violence thrown in, mindless boredom followed by huge adrenaline rushes travel the world paid for by someone else and last but not least absolutely no respect from the general public then you have made the right decision and a career in the press or politics will be great if you just want a laugh join the Army.
  13. Ill bite, Look at it this way after being "looked after" cheap food, cheap accommodation, free uniform, you can blow all your money if you wish, then get into the pattern of easy living, get in debt "cos u wanna big car" then get out cos u can earn better money, then find out the reality of civil street, where after 9 years your at the bottom of the ladder in terms of housing, at non-skilled jobs, expensive food (although tesco's own you can live like a king) expensive accommodation, etc...
  14. I spend all my money on boats and hoes its an expensive hobby.
  15. Defintly a journo lol.

    What happens to soldiers pay. You realy cant make this shit up. Why not ask what happens to a labourers pay or a lorry driver.

    Surely its all the same?