What happens to TA Officer training if you switch unit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. If you are undertaking TA Officer training, I am informed that you apply for Officer commission and then have to pass selection for your chosen unit... You will then become an officer cadet unless I am mistaken, until you have attended RMAS in yr 2...

    What happens if you transfer unit in the first year - does the cadet continue officer training alongside attending the new unit or does the commissioning get put on hold?
  2. It must carry on.

    Why do you want to transfer?
  3. I might move soon...

    Does officer training run alongside what you do with your unit then?
  4. No - I meant that whether you move Units, the training will continue - the whole point of standardising Officer Training is not just so that it is consistent - it allows you to be able to move. You should get the Adjts to talk and make sure they tie up the tranfer/details.
  5. It's the beauty of the system, your officer training most likely takes place at your bde regional training centre to which you are closely identified. Changing squadron or regiment should not stop you training at bde, infact your instructors will hardly care. If you change bde's then you can choose to train with your new one or at the old, or indeed with any other bde if you are invited to (or ask) - theorietically you could do each weekend of mod 2 with a different brigade each time, except there's not that many brigades... Same goes with Mod3, quite handy really.
  6. apart from the training with brigade, can a PO go and train with a unit other than their admin unit, even if they've barely started the TAPO course?
  7. Err not sure, can't see why a unit wouldn't be interested in selling itself to you and attempt to steal you away from your parent - make contact and find out, ask your paso or whoever it is that looks after PO's.. I doubt your host admin unit would be very impressed though and you should have some loyalty to your admin unit, they do a lot of work for you.
  8. If your parent unit has done a good job of integrating you, why should you want to move unless you are with an infantry unit and want to be a medic (or something else) As TA_Sig says - your unit does a lot for you, if you want to slap them in the face, think carefully.
  9. I'm at a sigs unit (which isn't actually my admin unit, the admin unit is another squadron in the same regiment), I just thought that infantry or RE maybe more to my liking.

    However I may yet stay at the signals anyway, it's roughly the same role as a 2lt anywhere isn't it? It's just the unit does a different job.
  10. Think long term about how you see your career progressing. If you think you will get more enjoyment and a better choice of jobs as RSigs then that would be a good choice. I am RLC but part of a differently tasked regiment. The RLC badge gives me a wider variety of roles and allows to be posted to any Sqn within Scottish Transport Regiment.
  11. There's no harm in seeing if you can do some fam visits, drop in on a drill night and find out about the opportunities I guess. Err roughly the same role as a 2lt? Well in barracks you'l have roughly similar admin i.e. adv trg to organise, kit to inspect, training to organise but in the field it's VERY different, running a comcen or trunk node in sigs is not exactly leading a platoon attack (though some defense issues but it hardly compares), RA troop comd again has a different role. You will prob know if you enjoy leading platoon attacks by about halfway through Mod 2, and deffo by end of dantes 7th circle that is mod 3.

    Heck by the end of mod 3 you may even find that you find soldiering more enjoyable and be quite happy in the back of a switch or radio det.
  12. With your playstation and kettle.

    If you want to attend a different unit do as I did (wasn't near to or ever attended my admin unit). Speak to said unit you wish to move to and ask for a transfer if a) you like them and b) they like you.

    Also remember that they shouldn't say they don't have room for another subaltern as turn over is quite high in any regiment.

    They will then become your admin unit and sponsor unit. You will then live happily ever after. Unless FAS causes a rerole :twisted:
  13. Rad ops and switch bitches have no time for such shenanigans.. nor power (not without fiddling about with things anyway).. now Relay operators are a different kettle of fish altogether.

    I agree with the rest of ants ideas though.
  14. I reckon Infantry have a lot more fun and have to use far more leadership (its the same for SNCO's)

    TA_Sig, Switch bitches don't really soldier they move from their draughty garages to air conditioned luxury and Rad Ops freeze to death in the backs of FFR's, waiting for the weekends 70th radio check
  15. We're heading off thread here but providing we're allowed to digin I could turn a 9 * 9 into a sauna using only a measly kero heater, even in very cold mid winter (bastard gene would still overheat within 10mins though)- happy days. True about the radio checks, until you crash the central, heh, then it's vhf, or dare I suggest it, mr reliable itself HF to the rescue (batco hell that one).