What Happens To Old CRs?

I've been reading another thread on CRs but this is slightly different as it's re-boiled my blood ... going back a few years ,the unit I was in at the time , had our CRs written before we went on a tour abroad. Being the sort of person who puts one foot wrong and you're fecked, I managed to p1ss my OC off because I politely pointed out he was a cnut because he didn't know what he was talking about (as you do sometimes) and I was dead right as it happens. (small unit, STRE) Offender was commisioned Clerk of Works... Hope you are reading you knob!
Retribution was slow on this occasion as when we returned to the UK some weeks later, my CR had 'a page missing out of it' No joke, the 'gentleman' had cut a page out down to the spine and re-written the worst one in my career. (9 years at that time) There were two numbered pages missing!!
It's all water under the bridge now but I'm just wondering what happens to the document once you've left the mob. Are they kept somewhere? Do you have rightful access to them? I still can't believe that it happened after all these years and the 'gentleman' who did it, suffered no more than a rose smelling chocolate starfish.... as they do!!


By CR in this case do you mean that little 2066 book (I think that was its number). Normal CRs are sent to REMCM who hold them all on file, so the bloke would not have been able to get at them. It is these that are used for promotion boards, not the little brown book, which was really only useful for sappers.
Yep.. the old confidential booklets and I think you're right about the 2066 as well!
I know things have changed massively since my time. at least the modern system stops that unbelievable abuse... or does it!!
2066's, that brings back memories.

one of my first ones had "Spr ............... has a blatant disregard for any military law"


how times have changed........................ or have they ????
Erm No :wink:
What happens to old CR’s… I believe they are folded up into small squares, stuffed into a mattress, and the EinC sleeps on them.

I could be wrong.

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