What happens on Recruit Selection?

I am applying for the TA RLC and have got my recruit selection this weekend and was just wondering what sort of things i will do on the recruit selection?
Dunno about RLC, as I'm INF but we pretty much did a weekend of drill (about nine hours of it), a BPFA and some classroom lessons that a retarded snail could handle (Phonetic alphabet and 24hr clock), we each got a end of weekend interview with a Sgt Major who tells you if you are worth the taxpayers money to become a Trained Fooking Killa!!
Probably different but on RauxAF Regt weekend you put together some webbing, did a fifteen foot (I think) abseil, a BFT, assault course, night bivi and a four miler with forty pound pack amongst other things.
When you join the unit they have a really pump list of "to do's" check list before going to your regional training centre, hopefully this will be phased out soon! Its caused more people to knock it on the head than have stayed in! Keep your chin up!
When you join the unit they have a really pump list of "to do's" check list before going to your regional training centre, hopefully this will be phased out soon! Its caused more people to knock it on the head than have stayed in! Keep your chin up!


They don’t have a lot of time to do much with you. You’ll get a basic introduction to military skills and do a bit of fitness, don’t worry, all they are looking for is a keen can do attitude and a sense of team work. If you have a good attitude you’ll pass, you’d have to be a complete mong to fail your RSW.
Surely the RLC selection will consist of being able to drink your own bodyweight in tea?
day one;
in the RLC (Really Large Corps) you can expect to have to eat large amounts of pizza and cheeseburgers, as well as learn how to moan about stuff that doesn't affect you, and whinge about your mum not packing your favourite socks/undies.

day two;
you have to gain at least 6 stone, and fail both a bpfa and a cft.

day three;
leave your lines shrouded in waste and human filth and go home telling your mates about "how hard it was but you made it" and enjoy the look of admiration in their fat little faces.
no, if it was sigs you'd be a sergeant by lunch and would be moving on to your advanced
"whine about every posting and nasty job that doesn't involve sitting on my arrse" course until being promoted to ssgt at tea.
forget the RLC , Bud come and join the Infantry, You know it makes sense, who wants to sit in a nice warm cabin the middle of God knows where, in the freezing cold of winter, when you could so easily be freezing your gonads of in a hole half filled with god only knows.
Works fro me every time
Goku said:
ViVictaVis said:
Surely the RLC selection will consist of being able to drink your own bodyweight in tea?
No, that’s the Royal Signals :)
Ahhh but first you've got to be able to set up a portable TV and DVD combo to watch while the kettle is on.. Then be able to set up masts and get shots in. Sigs - film & coffee connoisseurs first, soldier second. Singnallers are also selected on ability to locate nearest toilets/portaloos - instant promotion to Recce Sgt if service station/burger king is attached.... Pielover: I think I've just worked out why 'trees' (think about it) got his promotion.

Seriously selection weekends will probably involve documentation, medical, bit of phys after medical (so they don't break you), written tests, death by powerpoint and an interview. Just turn up and follow instructions, easy peasy. Talk to the recruiting team of the squadron you're interested in joining as to what to expect.

TAFS 1 and 2 (pre recruits course) are a piece of warm, bright yellow liquid.

TAFS 1 is exactly that, BPFA (a timed 1 1/2 run, sit ups and push ups), death by PowerPoint and drill (they manage to find an hour to teach the phonetic alphabet, 24 hour clock!!). It's all a basic introduction (and I mean basic) to the Army. You'll be lucky if you even see a rifle at this stage, let alone be asked to handle one. And some basic drill (although they expect you to do more of this at your unit). (Massive social on the second night for all TAFS1 peeps, as well as the first depending on what time you get there).

TAFS2 is more of the same, although we were lucky enough to handle a rifle (most other recruits from my unit didn't see one until their recruits course) and you have to show improvement on your BPFA results (so hold back a little on the first one if the weekends are close together). More drill and PowerPoint (Law and Equal Opps) and an overnight stay in the field (perhaps).

2 weeks recruits course is a little more army. Lots of drill, phys, weapons handling and personal admin - very exciting stuff, you'll be hard pressed to get bored. Word of advice, take something like a small radio (alarm clock perhaps), some playing cards and extra rations of food.
Eeeh in my day........

Run up hill with 100lb Bergan without collapsing. BFT, Crossing a roofless blockhouse with two planks and a bit of string. The bloody Krypton Factor assault course ( I kid you not it was that camp ) Get sh1t kicked out of you playing Murderball for an hour. Drinking yourself stupid watching German porno on Saturday night. Interview with 2IC who askes you if you are a Communist or not. Lecture on map reading. Lots of push ups and drill, plus laughing at the blokes who wet the bed after drinking half a lager on the Saturday night carrying their wet mattresses back to the stores. Many of the latter failed to pass. Having a strong bladder was a pre-requesit.
Assuming your going to a large windswept former aerodrome adjacent to the birthplace of the Greatest Woman in World Politics, just off the A1. You can expect to have an orgasmic time on the huuuuggge Square, enjoy pukka tukka and get lost on the savannah outback
im just joining the RLC TA because its the closest to my house otherwise i wud join another one. i just wanted some experience while im at college and before i apply for the royal marines
if you want to be a cabbage head then don't waste your time with those fat, lazy, burger munching lorry drivers in the RLC. There is bound to be a RMR near you, failing that a TA infantry unit. All the hairy breast my man.
Ranger you suck! You cabbage head tosser, hahahahahahahaha well nearly anyhooooooooooo, "Your a disgusting fat body private pile! get the f**k offa ma assault course!"

You truly are a disgusting fat body lol. I've seen Lord Lucan more times round MY signals outfit than you! lol And besides all that, you should know that after the time I (we?) saw the booties drive off from JSUB MT with their helmets on top of the civi 4x4.....I lost all respect for them.

LOL roger dodger Ranger on the JSUB comment!!! my vanishing act has taken quite some time to master but I've now gotten the hang of it!! would you agree? lol do we have a return to play date yet? if so txt me. OUT



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