what happens now...winchester

Now that Winchester is closing after March for Junior entry (or so i'm led to believe) what happens to the ones who want to get a trade, I believe they go to Harrogate is that right?

My son turns 17 in July will he still qualify for Junior entry to go to Harrogate?

will there be any intakes between end of March and end of August?

or will he have to go adult entry? My son wants to join the RE.

He is due back to Glencourse beginning of next month after being deferred for 3 months and his recruiting officer is away for a month and hasn't had time to speak to the new one today (map reading in the cheviots) and he is now at work so I said I will try and find out.

I was hoping I may be able to get some info on here if my fellow scunny fan is reading.

Can anyone help please
He can go for JE up to 17:5 so should make the Junior intakes still depending on what places go on the RAP, as yet no direction as been given to whats happening at Harrogate if they will be long course (combat) and short course (trades) as Winchester was or if all of Harrogate will do 42 weeks. Direction on all these matters will hopefully be out sooner than later. Regarding any more courses after March at Winchester for JE....not as far as we understand. As soon as info gets released Im sure your recruiter will let you know the updates just get him to prepare for his ADSC to smashout a good grade first as his IDST score will make a massive difference to if he gets offered a job or not.
Thanks Iron I appreciate the help and so will he. He is all prepared fitness wise and TST wise for ADSC and is hoping for a good grade. Due to his deferral he has been on the uniformed services course at college which seems to be helping a lot.

It's good news about the age thing that will put his mind at rest, he was really hoping to go to one of the colleges so it looks like its still a possibility.

Once again thanks
Just wanted to finish off this post and thank Iron for all his help. My son has just arrived back from Glencourse and he did in deed "smash out" a good result. He got an A.

Is there any further news on what's happening with Winchester.

Thanks again.
Yes theres final JE courses in April for some technical trades (these are now on the RAP).

From September all those technical trades that went to Winchester will now do the 23 week course either end of September or in March 2013.

All the non tech jobs that went previously to AFC harrogate still do the 42 week course which will at the start of September 2012 or the same date in March 2013 (note January intakes will then of moved to March).

So basically all jobs previously at Winchester will now be done exactly the same as before time wise but at Harrogate after the last course that starts in April 2012.............obviously depends on the job he is going to determine if he gets April or September so best off speaking with his own Recruiter who will have the proper info.

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