What happens next?

:D Hi all. Ok being a novice here I wonder if anyone could help. When my son passes out & is a fully fledged soldier, where does he get sent & what does he do? Does he go over to Irac etc or does he go training somewhere else? Any info please? Thank you all..... :)
Once he has passed out he will have leave followed by a posting to his phase 2 training establishement.

Here he will learn his chosen trade be it Inf or one of the Corps. After that he will have leave and be posted to a field unit and dependant on Ops cycle he may deploy with them on either Op Telic (Iraq) or Op Herrick (Afghanistan).

Lots of things to happen first so dont worry about him deploying straight away.
Hi Disco..... Many thanks for the info. I think any parent would worry when they might be deployed but to be honest, me & my son knew exactly what may happen out there. I think you have to be relistic if you are going into the army. You cant go in with your eyes shut can you. Thanks very much a again. :D

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