What happens next?

Am I the only one who gets annoyed at the repeated requests for the very basic elements as to what goes on in the Army? What is this test, that test, what time does the test finish, will I be allowed to..... Even worse, we get requests for information that has been stickied or answered x-many times already. There have been more questions about boots than there are bloody boots in the army!
I can understand some worry - fear even - at what lies ahead. It does seem though that much of the requested information is available on the net or from recruiting offices. The new guys will need to learn to use their own resources; they will not always have a pc at their elbow.
Those who choose to ask questions of the community must surely have lurked a bit or read some of the threads. This should surely indicate that they will not always get a sensible or polite answer.
There - I've got it off my chest. Rant over. But please chaps, try looking around before asking e.g. which foot does this go on.
ORC, that was a remarkably restrained post! Oh, but whilst I've got you here, whats the best way to lace my boots...........
do you have a 10L on the shelf fella :?: :?: :?: :?:
Is criss-croos or straight -lace better? Can I wear my own (civvy) underwear?

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