What happens in 6 months? And beyond?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by its_been_emotional, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. A little bit of me, trying to see the tiny positive aspects to this, is thinking actually, it will cull the timewasters and lowlifes we have scattered throughout our unit who will feck off and not come back in Apr 2010. Call me a hard-hearted bastard if you want, feel free. Quality not quantity etc etc.

    And I'm happy to lead the lads down the route of "Hang in there etc etc" but...

    What happens when we come back?

    Does any one have any serious, informed idea about what happens then?

    Are we witnessing the slaying of the TA for the foreseeable future?
  2. Normally have a massive party to celebrate the bounty payment. OK, maybe not next year.

    I would suggest:

    1. Phoning the golf club and getting them to send all the PSIs back from their 2nd jobs as golf pros (as they will have had a load of time to perfect their swing).

    2. Getting a cleaner in to sort out the Marie Celeste covering of dust over the furniture.

    3. Oiling up the gates of the TAC, as they will have rusted solid.

    4. Get on ebay and buy back all the kit that was burgled over the last 6 months, due to the local yobbos knowing you were away for 6 months.

    5. Organise the first 12 weekends of the year to count as Out of Camp training days, during which you hold promotion courses, phase 2 and 3 courses, driver training etc, etc. Everyone in the Regt should be able to attend 50% of these weekends.

    6. Organise an AT exped in Australia in Jul (to count as camp).

    That way, when they pull the plug on training in Oct 2010, you will have a. some nice photos of camp b. everyone qualified for bounty and c. no T&S budget to be taken away anyway!
  3. Knowing who you, I am pleased that you have your usual practical head on and have come up with some useful suggestions (esp like para 12). How do you come out of this sat up in splendid isolation in a windy place on Egdon Heath?

  4. I never really got into Hardy, btw. :)

    Para 12? I must have sent that one telepathically!

    Well, I suppose I will still be sat in even more splendid isolation shortly, as my other colleagues here (yes, rare beasts I know) will be stopping training (although I have to justify my pay, so will carry on working till they say so).

    But I will, you can be sure, in the inimitable words of the red poster, Keep Calm and Carry On.
  5. ... Or even para 6 twice - Its been a relatively stress full time since Thursday!
  6. hey when you oil the gates and open them bring some food for the poor PSI whose been locked in living on old tins of Cheese possessed!