what happens if........

you go to selection with a chest/throat infection........

im wondering because ive got one, and i have selection in 6 days.
as far as im concerned,its no reason not to go as its a lame excuse.
and i fully intend to go and just tell no-one about it.......

err, so will anything happen do you think.
Doc. examination will find it and he may tell you to come back in 3 months or if it clears up in the next few days no need to worry. if its still with you when you go through selection and they say nothing about it then your in.

Relax man. Selections a walk in the park. 8)
Either the doctors will pick it up or they wont. Its up to you if you want to take the chance. I personally would and just hide it. Just take it easy for the next week till selection, Eat loads of fruit and Vit C and you should be fine

As devil62 says selection is a walk in the park, If you prepared its easy! good luck mate
should i continue doing exercise, albeit more gently,

for instance i did a 2 mile run this morning and the infection was killing me, usually im fine.

{and i intend to go and hide it, hey, maybe it will make me throw up on the run, thus making me look even better!! :D :D
you cant hide it . he will use his stethoscope. and he will hear you have a weesy chest. and probably not let you continue with selectioon.

i cought some infection during selection. and i had it for about 12 weeks. i was still excercising just reeching when i was running. and coughing alot of flem up.
If I were you I'd postpone it because worst case scenario the doc misses it so do you DS and then you fail some of the tests because of it and then you fail selection.
I know thats alot of conjecture but it could happen
Its a flip of the coin when it comes to your desition. but like they all say its your choice. if running 2 miles and not being able to hold down what your gut wants out then basic is not going to be easy for you.

if you still want to go to selection the by all means do. the army could use some more good lads like yourself. just take it easy and only run until you feel like spuing or rentching or what ever, you've got 6 days and the 1.5 mile run aint that daunting.

where is it your doing selection??
im doing selection at Lichfield

the running doesnt bother me that much {besides the burning in the back of the throat :) }

normally i can run the distance quite nicely, just this bloody infection is making me stop and want to retch.

however i dont stop.....

cheers for the good lad comment mate!! :D
What you also have to consider is that this infection will probably be contagious. In the close confines of the selection process, you could suddenly find that most of those on selection with you will suddenly have the same infection. Dont risk it and get it checked out
Why not go to the doc and get an antibiotic....
You want to be careful exercising with a chest infection etc. I know someone who had flu symptons and still decided to play a hard game of squash. As a result of this they ended up with a infection on the lining of the sac that is around the heart and 6 months of not feeling to great to say the least.

I believe its said that if you're ill from the neck down than exercise should be a no go.
yeah, i think i will nip to the docs,

normally i wouldnt go there even if i was passing out, ive seen too many doctors and hospitals to last me the rest of my life.

however, i dont want to pass it on to anyone, and it would be wise to get it done, and get myself to peak condition for selection.
As directed by the medical staff at Lichfield i was told to stop anyone who had colds, flu like symptoms going for selection and ask for an alternative date. Normally this can be done very easily by your recruiter phoning allocations and speaking to the not so young lady there. Sometimes she could get you on a course a week later but it was always within a month and she then cancels your old selection date. The med staff/PSO's prefer this as it gives you the chance to perform to 100% on your physical tests and are less likely to fail your medical especially with heart murmours and ear wax.
All what will happen there is you will go in for another quick chat with your recruiter prior to the new selection date for a confirmatory interview to ensure you have had no changes of circumstance in between time. Your better altering the date as you will have more chance of being deferred for 3-6 months.
cheers for the advice everyone.......

i got some antibiotics in the end, and i must say i think the infection is receeding as it has defineatly gotten better.

simply, if its gone by friday i'll go, if not i'll contact my recruiter and reschedule.

thanks again you people, for all your advice!
a quick tip about lichfield 1.5 mile course. i don't know about other ATR's(Army Training Regiments'), but the lichfield course is the easiest one i've run. 2 full laps on road, with one side going up hill and flat on the top and bottom, once the second lap is done its all down hill from there, so you can really get some speed up. well thats me compareing it to the likes of Gib and leccy

keep it real 8)
cheers Devil62, that is good to know,

incidentally for anyone wondering,

my infection is nearly gone, so im going to go, i wouldnt get time off in basic for something like that so i trained through it.

i think the vomiting got most of the crap up on its way out. 8)

cheers people!!!!!

cant wait!!!!!!!! :D :D

EDITED for Mong Spelling!!!!

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