What happens if you offer money for babies?

From today's Financial Times - "An extra 45,000 children were born in Britain as a result of Gordon Brown’s largesse with welfare benefits, according to economic research that suggests couples took his fiscal stimulus as a cue to procreate.

The study shows that Mr Brown’s drive to reduce child poverty through boosting tax credits from 1999 inadvertently made childbearing more attractive to working class mothers, spawning a generation of “Brown babies

You and I coulde have foreseen this, but Gordie couldn't. And of course, given that people on mega tax credits face ridiculously high marginal tax rates you can forget all about them learning new skills, earning higher wages, and paying towards public services.

Woopie doo.
I wondered what Hary Enfield's chav character meant when she asked for a "brown baby"...
You get put on some sort of register. Err, or so I've heard.

Come on, it was Moldova FFS!

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