What happens if you get in a fight in training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Scotsman, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Scotsman

    Scotsman Swinger

    Just wondering what happens if you get in a punch up with a fellow recruit in training?
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  2. Depends, how hard are you?
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  3. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    It's called "milling"
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  4. One of you gets his clock cleaned.
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  5. You win, you lose.
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  6. JoeyDeacon

    JoeyDeacon Crow

    You get to clean the parade sq with a toothbrush
  7. You normally end up with slight bruising of your knuckles and / or face.

    If the fight is more of a grappling affair you will probably end up with an erection.
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  8. Were handbags used?
  9. JoeyDeacon

    JoeyDeacon Crow

    and be posted to 3 Para M
  10. Troy

    Troy LE

    You will probably get some chore to do together, side by side, working as buddies. Such as laying polish and bumpering all the corridors for example. Plus you'll get told off!
  11. We had a lad called Kieron who said he'd been advised by a Magistrate that he should join up or he'd be looking at doing time, he was a tall skinny ****** who raved on about being one of the Millwall firm, he had a couple of run ins with a nice amiable lad and it kicked off early doors on a Sunday.
    Although I disliked another lad who was ex 9 Squadron and who'd been on my PRC he admirally piped up mid row and suggested they go into the heads and do it properly, both agreed and for the next 2 minutes we got to watch (whilst crammed round the door and windows) an 18 year old former 6th former from Scarborough punch the ******* biscuits out of a supposed top boy whilst we cheered like food starved chimps!
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  12. Polish and bumpers?? Have you seen the new accom, it's carpets FFS, they'll probably have a Hoover off.
  13. nobbyd

    nobbyd LE

    You could either win, lose, or get into trouble. It depends really
  14. JayBaloo

    JayBaloo Clanker

    Nowadays you will probably be given counselling and a hug...