What happens if you get a injury on your basic training

Hi, im currently in the process of joining what happens if you say 2 weeks through basic training and you get an injury eg hamstring or ligament damage do you get discharged or do they give you the time to recover?
If its an old injury thats flared up, you'll more than likely be MD'd, however if its a new injury caused by training, the army has an obligation to rehabilitate you and put you back into training.
i dont have any injuries at the moment touch wood! its just im leaving a job where im well paid to join the army and i would not want to join basic training end up injuring myself then get thrown out with no job!
You should be fine then. If you do get injured, its just down to being able to stomach however long you need to spend in the rehab platoon. But don't dwell on being injured, and it won't happen
You will get asked if you have any injuries before and after every PT session, if you are injured you go to the med center and they will work their magic and put you in Rehab - which can include things like acupuncture.
If your injury doesn't seem to be getting better the Army will end up discharging you and probably arrange for you to start training when you are physically fit again.
If it isn't serious you'll go on the biff for your little niggling pain, and get excused of hard duties like .. marching and PT.

If it's slightly more serious you'll go physio and on the sick, just recieving on going treatment and they'll monitor your progress, however you have about 21 days sick in basic before you get backsquadded, so obviously if it's serious there's a good chance that will happen.

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