What happens if I got paid for CWA whilst on GRT.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Luke2194, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Just sorted job but still in green skin for a little while. I've started a CWA as part of GRT as i've already accepted role. I think ive already been placed on pay roll so might be getting paid soon. What happens if im paid for the time I did on CWA. Advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Didn't you sign a piece of paper saying you wouldn't get paid for CWA?
  3. if its cash in hand not a prob, if you have given them your NI number, then Mr Tax man may up your tax code. One way round it is to get on their banking roll the day the green skin dies
  4. Like he'll listen.

    I'd spend another 10 minutes of my life trying to find the correct form, but what do we know eh?
  5. Don't bother, it's not even your job, no one will thank you for it and some other **** will be along thinking they know better.
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  6. It's not like we know anything.

    Oh, and CWA is Civilian Work Attachment. Even I know that. Not that I am a clerk or nuffink.

    People wonder why my piss boils sometimes.
  7. People wonder why my piss boils sometimes. Is that not the disease!!!!!!!!!
  8. fixed, no fee etc.

    Somebody, usually the person seeking advice, always knows better than any SME.