What happens if eyesight deteriorate during service?

Hey I know the limit of spececale correction is -7 diopters it says on the entrance form. I'm wondering what happens if you eyesight drops below -7 when serving. My eyesight is -5 at the moment. If I served for 22 years my eyesight could be close to this -7 limit if my eyesight got worse. Would I be thrown out of the army if this happened
i joined up with -5.75 (left) and -4.50 (right), when i got to basic training i was told my eyesight wasnt good enough for the trade i wanted to so had to re-trade, but i only found that out at basic so make sure you find out from your recruiting office what the minimum unaided standards for the trade you are thinking about are.

as far as your eyes getting much worst it might be worth asking your optician what he thinks, mine told me that mine should stop getting worst and they have, been 3 years since he changed my prescription. but i haven't heard of anyone being kicked out of the army for there eyes getting really bad whilst they have been in for a long time.

i wouldn't worry about it unless you think your eyes are going to get really bad really quickly

If your eyesight really deteriorates then you could join the US Army Blind Snipers Platooon:


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