What happens between P1 and P2

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jjasonuk, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. What is the usual time between phase one and phase two training?

    What do you do in this time? Go home? Get given minor jobs / training?

    has anybody on here got any experience of this please?
  2. Yes, everyone here has done it, so long ago though that the answer is useless. Ask at your AFCO/ACIO, it's their job to answer your questions.
  3. Thanks for your insightful reply.
  4. If he's going to Bordon as your other posts suggest then it will be anything from a weekend to a couple of weeks leave. After this he will report for phase 2 training but may be required to wait some time before starting trade training. He will be kept busy with guard duty, military training, sport, attachments and tedious manual labour.
  5. Well if you feel that advice from a former SNCO is no good then good luck.
  6. What makes you think he was being sarcastic?
  7. Because it wasn't an insightful reply...
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Give it a rest, it was a reasonable question.
  9. You normally get leave after Phase 1 but can dependant on start dates at phase 2. Another thing to look out for after Phase 1 training is ask about satisfied soldier where you can go and work at your ACIO for a week or two (at least you get home every night then). The wait for most most trade courses can be long so you will be doing all the things Spaz said.

    Unfortunately in the ACIOs we dont know how much of a wait you will have as phase 2 places are dependant on many things, but your SPSO who visits you at Phase 1 would be in a clearer picture.
  10. I got home for 4 days leave after I passed off, then back into it at phase 2, unless you fcuk up during your last days of basic (like 1 poor sod did) you could be given guard duties or work parades instead.
  11. Sorry if this is a bone question but I was wondering, if you were in a corps where para training is allowed, such as the RE, could you possibly use the time between P1 and P2 to do P company provided you are fit enough? Or would this be impossible due to trying to arrange the admin side of things?
  12. Jono, no you cannot, it just isnt feasable (your skill level, availability of courses) and you wont have time. Your focus will be going from phase 1 to 2, there will be plenty of time for badges and dodgy berets as you progress through your career :)

    That interim period helps with unit life support and reinforces military ethos (just say that to yourself when your on guard at 3 in the morning :) )
  13. Cheers Disco! I'll keep that in mind at 3 am! ;)
  14. When I was at at 16 Brigade, most of my young lads who were up to the standard who wanted to go and try P Coy had to be out of Phase 2 training at Bordon for at least 6 months to a year before they could attempt the Beat up training then get assessed before being loaded onto pre Para. Theres lots of winged up lads on Tiffy courses who will run SF PT for the Phase 2 students and guide them to postings at Colchester or within the Brigade like wise at other Phase 2 establishments like the RE. Just remember though Ops and Trade 3-2 training takes priority over P Coy so realistic time frame is between 2-3 years.
  15. usually your given 2 weeks after phase 1 to report at Bordon ( if thats where your off to )

    for the first week your on induction HA HA it's shite " trust me " ..

    you'll find out on the friday when all your courses start etc and then your in the hands of your platoon and if you not dicked for random shit jobs or guard you will be on SDT untill your courses star... JOY..!!!