What happens at Chilwell?

It turned into a very enjoyable two weeks...Kept busy and getting your MATTS passed but overall a very positive experience. Make sure you can do your pft and the cft is 8 miles and lots of hills.....We got the middle weekend off and most evenings were free to sort kit out etc. You will get issued shed loads of kit so when you come to move elsewhere think about how you will get it there! The staff there were helpful and friendly but they had to get lots of people through so dont cause them problems and everyone is happy. Make sure you are fully aware of the financial side of things and listen and act on what you are told.
make sure you visit nottingham, get pissed and shag a prossy. theres a nice post op t/s in the city who i personally recommend. anymore questions on where to go down town then dont hesitate to ask, if your not into transexuals then theres loads of nice looking birds out on the pull at the weekend. i cant comment on the accomodation as i went home every night but i think 8-10 pax crammed into 4 man rooms. theres a good pub round the corner nice beer garden, and theres attenborough lakes nearby, nice to run around. its payd but you get a card to get you the core meals for gratis anything else you have to pay for. make sure your phys is up to scratch as a failure in anything is a retest and back squading, watch out for the short pti ( little man syndrome ) but most of the staff sound and in fact the little pti wasnt that bad the other was an alcky but i think he's been sacked, the gym facilities are good and a 5 a side pitch. the rest of the matts is a breeze no pressure. but as the other said loads of kit
chocolate_frog said:
pan-basher said:
What happens at Chilwell?
Stays at Chilwell :twisted:
Oh you were there when the Nurses arrived back for OP DECOMPRESS II as well? :twisted:

You're doing MATTS ... properly.

First two days are Med ,Dental and Admin, depending on what syndicate you're in. If your teeth are not up to scratch, it's chopsville, no question. A minor filling or two MAY get sorted if they have time, but you must absolutely get your teeth sorted before you get there.

Admin concerns Pay, insurance, wills , Nok and bringing your JPA entries up to date. Make sure you have your passport, Mil ID card or Stab-in-Lieu and ID tags.

Medical is thorough too, don't try and blag any conditions, the Doctors are highly experienced, the South African and Rhodie Doctors have been there, seen it , done it, have the T-Shirts and some amazing stories of "back in the day, hey?" :D

If you complete Admin, Medical, Dental and pass those, you'll be sworn in to Regular Service and given your call up Bounty of £499.00, paid on your next pay day.

Kit to take, as little as possible, contrary to what it says on the JI. If you are a suntanned hero of Democracy , you're going to be issued a bloody mountain of kit, which you'll have to get back somehow. :(

Take Bergan, Webbing ,Helmet, RESSIE and spare canister, 3 sets of uniform, PT kit and the legendary pulling trousers and shirt for Beeston, Long Eaton or Nottingham. There are free laundry facilities and Irons, so no need to go overboard on Green Kit.

Staff are in the main very helpful, though there are a couple of FTRS cnuts who think they're more Regular than the Regulars. PTI's are approachable and are only interested in getting as many people through as possible, not beasting you into the ground. Very little Depot bullsh*t in evidence.

Dining. It's PAYD and the food is fcuking gopping. Numerous complaints made, all ignored. Same dishes appearing 4 days on the bounce etc. However, there is a very big Tescos just out the main gate, so you can keep yourself fed if the PAYD dining defeats you, which it does most people.

On the Phys side of life, there is a PFT on the first Thursday or Friday, and there is overwatch on the situps and pressups. Try the "one becomes 3" bollox you'd do at the TAC, and you'll be doing them all over again. The run is with a half mile warm up, but a flat circuit, so no real dramas there.

If you do fail any part, you'll be doing them again on Monday. Depending on the effort, or how close you were, you may be kept back for remedial phys. If they think you've no chance, it's RTU ek dum, unless your CO issues a "Don't care, take at risk" or you're a Nurse or Medico, and desperately needed kebabside.

There is also an orienteering exercise, with weight to be completed in a set time. It's enjoyable, but you'll sweat buckets on the area.

The ICFT 8 Miler is undertaken on the 2nd Thursday and is what it says on the tin, and there are a couple of proper b*stard hills. So I can only emphasise you need to get your hill work done, and practice the 8 miler. It's going to be standard for the TA soon enough anyway, so get on it now.

The actual pace is a rigid 15 minute mile, with some running on the downhill elements, but the hills will sap you, just dig in and keep going.

APWT is 2nd week, Tuesday and Wednesday and must be passed. However, you will get the chance to re-shoot if you're a shooting mong, especially if you're a Cav Officer who needs 100 rounds+ to get through the Pistol APWT. Errr allegedly 8O

As regards downtime, There is a pub/bar on site .Long Eaton is close, The Factory is very good on a Friday or Saturday, with serious amounts of VERY friendly leggy totty. Beeston, very studenty with a lot of VERY friendly girlie students, Nottingham, is , well Nottingham and the bloody women hunt in predatory packs as they outnumber the blokes 5 to 1. If you're any sort of looker, you need to pack your big sh*tty stick.

If you're going for the (excellent I'm told) whoring, there is a particular Sauna that gave a group discount to my room mates because they were "Going to Afghanistan, and we have do our bit for them". Patriotic Brasses, whatever next? :D

The Blokes appreciated it, PTP stayed on camp of course , as it's not his cup of baby oil.

If you do manage to trap, and you'd have to be a proper serious minger not to , don't try and bring them back to the block, that'll get you RTU'd one time. Village Hotel is 3/4 mile down the road,from the main gate very reasonable, and as you're off till 0800 Monday from 14.00 Friday, you can get some serious duvet time in , so I'm told.

Go, enjoy it, but take it very seriously, it's not a jolly.


pan-basher said:
Any latest news on what happens at Chilwell? im off on Herrick and going to Chilwell in August. Is it a beasting?
I found it to be a very swept up operation running there, G1/G4 was very efficient, the training programme well organised and the instruction periods well pitched. There is a fair amount of tea drinking and waiting around but that's the nature of the beast.

There's also 24hr Tesco 2 minutes from the front gate that sells everything from hot chicken to dvds and has a Starbuck attached if you get the time to enjoy a mocha-chocha cappucino with banana and almond topping.

Plus it's a good opportunity to network with all ranks/capbadges due to deploy on your tour.
Make sure that you get all your pay squared away when you get there. You need to be 100% sure how each of your bills is going to be paid because there is a tendancy for some shoulders to take a more acute angle once you've moved on. Don't leave it to chance.
Just to clarify (ah the curiosity has kicked in), is Chilwell like your two weeks TA CMS(R)/CIC in a longer format but with more freedom? I guess you can drink alcohol there and are allowed to go off camp once you are finished with your daily work?
shavies said:
Just to clarify (ah the curiosity has kicked in), is Chilwell like your two weeks TA CMS(R)/CIC in a longer format but with more freedom? I guess you can drink alcohol there and are allowed to go off camp once you are finished with your daily work?[/quote

no, yes and yes

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