What happens aprés Main Board?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by irishpacker, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. All going well at my Main Board next week (touch wood etc!!!) what is the process once you get your "pass" in the post?

    Is it as simple as, "you've passed, see you on day one of Sandhurst?"

    Obviously I assume there's a plethora of paperwork to get done in preparation, but apart from that is there much to get done? I ask because I'm going travelling for 8/9months waiting for my 12 month medical delay to elapse and just want to make sure I'm not going to be missing any important dates when I have to be physically present at something. I'll be back from my travels a good 2 months before my prefered Sandhurst entry date.

  2. There's PCCBC, which you do definitely have to attend. There's several dates going, and mine was just a month before entry date so you should be fine.
  3. If you dont mind me asking, why and when did you get your medical delay? i'm just enquiring as i have my briefing in a couple of weeks, and am worried about my visit to the med center
  4. Cool, cheers mate. I had assumed there'd be something along those lines alright.

    My medical delay is due to laser eyes, I keep burning holes in walls. I'll have to wear special sunglasses for a year.
  5. Greetings irishpacker,

    Assuming that you hopefully pass Main Board and receive the letter from the Board confirming this, you may well soon thereafter receive correspondence from some of the regiments or corps you have expressed an interest in previously (this happened to me). These letters usually take the form of an invitation to visit said regiment/corps, the visit being specifically laid-on for those who have passed RCB.

    Following this, and nearer the start of the Commissioning Course itself, you should receive a letter from the Commandant of the RMAS. In my joining instructions I was given two dates on which to attend a Pre-Commissioning Course Briefing - I would advise you to choose one sufficently far in advance of the Commissioing Course start date as possible, as this will in practical terms allow you to break your boots in, but also give you sufficent time to iron out any difficulties or issues which may arise at the PCCB (like an injury).

    The very best of luck at Main Board.
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    msr LE

    You get to find out the difference between é and è?
  7. Touché...or is that Touchè? :wink:
  8. Has it not been 12 months since you eye surgery? ive just had mine done and was told I had to delay my full application for 12 months, i'll be gutted if i just cancelled my briefing and i didnt have to!
  9. I'd like this clearing up too, I've done Briefing but got MB to come. If I were to get lasered can I pass all the other stuff, just wait 12 months for the RMAS start date?
  10. Well I did my briefing in January. Got injured and had to have minor surgery on my back (prolapsed disc) directly after it, only getting around to doing my Main board now as consequence.

    As far as the laser is concerned, I got it done after I'd passed my briefing. I was sold by the fact that so many guys on my briefing had had it done. I've informed my Careers guy and the Medical Board about both things, and neither of them said I couldn't do the Main Board.

    The way I understand the laser eye 12 month delay is that it's with regard to your entry into Sandhurst. When I asked the Medical board that's what the girl on the phone seemed confident about.

    Besides, you have to sign a form saying you believe yourself to be medically fit to do the testing (briefing and MB) I interpret that as "do the testing at your own risk".

    That'd be a really bummer if I were to turn up to the Board on the day one medical and have them say "come back in X months" cause of the eyes... Now you have me worried!!! 8O
  11. How much is laser eye surgery and what does it entail? Would it really be that much of a benefit? I currently wear contact lenses.
  12. I had mine done last thursday afternoon, it cost £3400 and I went from having pretty bad eyesight to 20/20 by friday morning.
    The surgery I had was wavefront lasek, the procedure itself I must say was not enjoyable. It does not hurt due to the meds, but I could feel everything aswel as see the instruments being used. In short it was some of the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of my life.

    Im out of action phys wise for 4 - 8 weeks, but I think in the long run it will be worth it.
    So it has my recommendation.
  13. It costs thousands & generally includes a 12 month application deferral as well as reducing your chances of passing the army medical as you need to pass a whole battery of specialist visual functioning tests (night vision, glare, halo, double vision etc) at either a university with an eye clinic / visual sciences department or hospital that has the necessary equipment.