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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Charlie14, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I have a huge interest in the army but unfortunatley don't know a lot about it, from what I do know, is from books and the internet, so I'm hoping to find some decent answers from soldiers themselves.

    I am 17 and left sixth form at christmas, since then I have worked in a grocery store for a month and from then on, applied for mechanic apprenteships. I have always had a huge inspiration from the army in the back of my head, and have now decided to actually look in to joining up. I have no english gcse, only D's in Maths, Science and P.E.

    I have been looking in to joining up as a regular soldier but I worry a lot about what my life leads to, after the army. I don't look in to staying in the army until they wont have me any longer, I have planned to join for the four years, and decide whats next, wether I stay or return to civilian life.

    One of the main things I am worried about is loosing touch with my girlfriend. My friends don't mean a lot, I know it sounds bad but they aren't the best people to me. This is the reason I have been putting the army off and looking in to going to a local college as a vehicle mechanic.

    I have interests in many kinds of trades, from mechanics, kitching fitting (dad), capentry and metal work. And good interest in the infantry soldier role.

    My question to you is, whats better for me? Get a trade in the army (metal smith?) and have qualifications to use 'when' I leave, or join as a regular soldier?

    Another worry is that with my poor gcse qualifications, is it hard to get a trade in the army? As the website says that you require gcses or equivelent.

    I would really appreciate some help.

  3. Bl00dy hell mate - how long have you got? :D

    Q1: identify why you want to join the Army. If it's for the 'brochure lifestyle' then forget it. If it's for lots of Ops, quality people and all that caper, then do so.

    Q2: identify how long you really want to stay if Q1 applies. 4 years? Why? What if you like it? If you're committed to only the 4, then that should definitely colour your capbadge choice, but that said, there are no blocks on going where you wish. Within reason.

    As to the civvy quals for specific jobs: if they appeal to you and you're really keen to do them, the best thing you can do is get your arrse into College and get the minimum quals they are asking for. Otherwise try and bluff it at the ACIO.... :D

    So - what's better for you? If you're committed to leaving, then hang in for the trade, bearing in mind that in 4 years, you may struggle to leave with anything truly worthwhile apart from some good phots and war stories.

    Whatever you decide, don't lose sight of the fact that any job in the Army is going to set you up for life - after all, it's all about highly motivated, hard working people with loyalty and integrity, and surely any employer would go for that in 4 years time....?

    Good luck!

    Fcking hell. Its your life man!

    Edited coz I feel guilty. GCSEs would help, but you've gotta do what is gonna make you happy. Go to the office, do the test and see what they offer you. Then do what you will enjoy.
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  6. Can't help you as to getting in and the Quals required I'm afraid, i've been out too long.
    What i will say though is that when you leave you have a lot of options open to you.
    Not many guys get out and do the their army trade in civvy street, but they do well in their new chosen fields, which are really diverse, i know a guy who went into inflatable fortifications - he hires out bouncy castles!.
    You will get out of the Army exactly what you put in, if you're a waster who cruises through life - and there are a few in the Army - you won't get far, in the Army or in life. If you see it as a stepping stone then draw as much from it as you can and whatever you do after that will be a challenge and enjoyable and above all, profitable.

    Good luck!
  7. The army not only gives you skills for life, but also provides some of the greatest opportunities to put those skills to the test, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

    If your girlfriend's worth her salt, she'll stick by you no matter what you decide to do. If she ditches you as a result of you joining, you're definitely better off. I've seen too many careers held back by clingy/emotionally challenged/mad women.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    What he said. (Proximo)

    Plus, the Army gives you something that no GCSE/NVQ/BTEC/C+G/BSc/Whatever could ever give you - experience. The longer you do, the more you get, and it sets up up for the rest of your life. Most ex-servicemen rise above their colleagues once back in civvy-street due to the vast amount of experience gained in such a short time.

    Don't be so hasty as to convince yourself you're definitely getting out after the minimum term, you may be surprised. It's not shit every day, otherwise no-one would do it.
  9. thanks for the replys everyone. I didn't really have the guts to pull though and acutally book a meeting but I am quickly realising that I am going to have to.


  10. Your GCSEs could be a problem - when I looked into joining the Army at 16, you needed 5 GCSEs at A-C. However, don't be put off; check with the careers office, and see what they tell you. If you need the quals, get back into college and get them - don't give up.

    If that doesn't work out (and I stress 'If'), consider joining the TA - no qualifications required, get many of the benefits, if not all etc.

    Listen to what's already been said above by others - when you do join, you'll have the time fo your life - nothing else I can really say that hasn't already been said.
  11. Don't worry about your girlfriend,she will give you a week then be down the pub on the pull,give her my mobile 0794521542* if you like.
    Join up mate life's too short,one lap of the track an all that shit. Enjoy.
  12. I was gonna say something, but I really can't be arsed.
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  15. bullshit. several guys im my troop have no quals at all. join the RE mate. get a trade, higher pay, plus good soldiering. as the song goes;

    'we've got sappers in the paras, got sappers in the sas,
    got sappers in the commandos ....' and so on.

    nowadays engineers are goin out on patrols with the infantry more often then not, so u can get some good hands on soldiering done even if u dont do any specialist courses.

    its a good career mate, even if it has its shit times. yeh, youll freeze your balls off stagging on in a trench at 3am, yeh you'll do 72 hour days, but i guarentee once its over you'll look back at it all and sit and laugh about it with your mates.