What happens after Training?

Hi, i have had a fairly good look around these forums and i hope i am not creating a topic thats already been covered but i simply cant find this info out anywhere i look on the internet.

I am hoping to join the British Infantry and i have done plenty of research into the training at Catterick and what to expect etc. One thing i cant find out anywhere is what is likely to happen after the training is complete and the Passing out ceremony has happened.

I know of only one person who is in the army and i don't know a great deal about what he has been doing since training although i do know he has been stationed in Germany and other places and i think done a tour in Iraq.

I'm guessing the situation depends on your unit and could vary but what is the likely or common situation? being stationed somewhere? If so what is that for? further training or simply work?

Or being taken straight out to Afghanistan?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks allot and i hope i haven't cluttered these forums up.
You go join you're batallion after training. Search this forum for batallion life.

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