What happening in 14 Regt?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by The-Goose, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. New broom sweeping clean or what?
  2. No but are learnig grammar so recognise that your question is missing an apostrophe and an s!

    New CO is great, more a breadth of fresh air than a new broom?
  3. [grammar cunt]Shouldn't your own spelling and grammar be impeccable if you're going to slag someone else's off?[/grammar cunt]
  4. Ideally, it's best if you only post when sober.
  5. Since when?

    When I'm sober I realise just how much drivel there is on this site, turn the computer off and go and do something more constructive.
  6. Half two friday Afternoon just out of the Sgts Mess friday lunch, thought I could hack it -- Ooops.

    No offence the CO is a good bloke!!
  7. For a moment there I thought you were talking about life in the bays! :D
  8. No mate the Sigs!!
  9. 14.30 on a Friday!! Whatever happened to Thurs knockoff?!
  10. Just had a bit of catching up to do, staying the w/end - duty!
  11. Not seen many changes...

    Apart from the tailback from the gate all the way back to the med centre on Thursday night when the razzer decided it'd be a good idea for all cars to sign out of camp before leaving... :roll:
  12. :x Must admit i have'nt seen any changes here yet. Thursday was a bag of b0llocks having to sign out. Made me well late for the gym Grrrrr i mean as if they are ever going to give us time off to drink just a phone call to the sqn's would confirm there was no leaving doo's on.
  13. Admit it, you stole that from 80's programme. "Why Don't You"... Bloody tea leaf....
  14. As ever it was it just a case of one individual spoiling things for the majority, or was there a greater reason to check cars leaving camp. They ried that once in Germany and stopped it when the number of cars left at the guardroom exceeded the available space!!
  15. Yep, lay off the claret mate!