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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by oldbloke, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Hello chaps. Believe they have chapesses in the Corps these days as well? They were just WRAC attached when I was in. Just signed up and reading through some of the posts on here and surprised to see a lot of angst about 21st Signal Regt. I was at 21 way back when it was in Wildenrath and it was considered one of the better postings so what happened? Yes I know Wildenrath was closed down before anyone says anything. Siemens railway testing ground now.

    Bit confused by some of the trades mentioned but with the advances in technology I suppose that was inevitable. Used to be an RTG myself but was crap at it. Seems to be a bit of a battle going on between techy's and others. Good lads technicians, very clever, well educated but totally lacking in commonsense. :D
  2. still true about the techs, the_guru will defend them to the hilt though... much to my amusement.

    RTG is no more. we now have AS and RS operators that cover the operating side of life. area systems look after all the trunking and RS look after all the clansman and bowman radio systems, along with putting up the tented HQs.
    the operator trades are about to be merged into the ICS op trade. a few in the know have been informed most people are oblivious to it.

    the rest of the trades are in the arrsepedia. i dont want to put down thier job spec incase they bitch that i missed something out. there is also a more in depth AS and RS job spec on there too. i would provide a link but hey im lazy. welcome aboard!

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  3. Nothing changed; we just got an easy way to slag each other off without fear of 'falling earth spike incident'. That said, it would appear that the 'Sigs' forum has been identified as one where there is a great deal of in-fighting. However, when it was commented on by a non-Corps member (probably someone working in B&Q wishing he was a Corps member - Capt Cünt you know who you are) men and women of all trades rallied together and let him know what a fückwit he was.

    I remember the comments about Techs having no common sense when I was at 21 SR Wildenrath, but I also remember nobody apart from the Techs being able to articulate what the comment meant!

    Welcome back
  4. Wasn't you that went into the tech wagon, saw a lot of little pins all standing up in nice rows with a sign saying do not touch, only to touch, causing all little pins fall down was it?

    Language from the tech sergeant was something someone with my delicate constitution should never have heard. :)
  5. Yeah, but how many teeth (REAL) soldiers came to the Royal Corps defence, and unity against one didn't stop them bitching at each other (people that can't play together, can't work together, hence the shocking state of comms!)....... :wink:
  6. Can't you fcuking read you bellwhiff. Fcuk off and go and bore someone else. I hear you are like cancer on the Int board too.

    BTW I was a tech at Wildenrath !
  7. Bite me you big girls blouse!
  8. How did you pick I that I was talking about you bunny fücker; was it the cünt comment or the one about working in B&Q wishing he was in the Corps. Fück off troll.
  9. You can bite me too (if you can take your lips of Guru's shiny arrse)!
  10. Devastating repartee, sperm breath
  11. Spliffy, this cnut has been trolling on other boards. I think an O2 thief tag is the way forwards. How do we go about it?

    So you were at 21 and have had/got a Blade, thats narrows it RIGHT down !
  12. And I went for a G-suit fitting for a flight in a Hercules; Quad Erat Demonstrandum or something near that ( I'm sure some anorak wearing cunnilinguist will correct me).

    Back to the felcher in hand; I believe we wait for the MODs to realise that Sperm Breath is an O2 thief of the highest order and in the mean time wait for Spermy to admit that he/she looks a bit piggy and probably has a huge tattoo of a helicoptor on his/her arse. Any question as to whether the fücker is an absolute troll will be resolved by a quick peek at the cünt's numerous other posts that demonstrate that he is non-Corps, Regiment, Agency etc of any kind (except B&Q).

    It's a pity that someone from the Corps, new to the forum, should have his thread hijacked by someone so worthless.
  13. Was you there when Geoff was RSM?
  14. PM the Mods asking for action to be taken. I've already sent Bow_Man a PM asking for appropriate action to be taken.
  15. Yep.... But I was in the Traz with 2 Sqn when he had his "incident"