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Discussion in 'RAC' started by TVEDU_RED, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Any idea what happened here?

    It's either a Scot's Dog or RTR CR2. I recognise the place as being near Samlands in Fallingbostel, was it trying to wade or was the commander just hoping he could "push on through"?

    (Quality memories of pre bogging in BATUS last words ... "nah it looks alright to me, just keep the power on and push on through!!")

    It looks like it's still moving in which case did it get through? If it did bog down did the driver get out alright - really hope so or I will feel pretty shitty for putting this picture on.

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  2. About a month and a half ago a troop Leader of the Queen's Royal Hussars took a wrong turning and ended up driving towards the Deep Water Fording Basin on Bergen Hohne. Didn't realise his mistake until he was on top of the snow and ice that was covering the basin at the time.

    The driver realised at the last moment, and the story I heard was that he jumped out while the tank was moving, thus avoiding being drowned. The obvious end result was what you see in the picture.

    I believe a similar thing happened to an RTR subbie a couple of years ago. Which in fact this picture could be. From what I understand everyone got out ok on that one as well

    Where did you get the picture from Cowhead (was it actually your handiwork)
  3. :D Not my handiwork thank god... :D

    I've had it for a while on my laptop, got it from one of my Troopers.

    I've never bogged myself in a chally, although there is plenty of time i'm sure :?
  4. Haha..OOPS
  5. I belive that the diver is from the Kings regt and when the recovery happend, the hub caps had gone. No honest, its true.
  6. You can imagine the verbals:


    This phot was taken a couple of years back, the original residing on the wall of the squadron bar in Falli. Exactly same thing as the QRH mentioned above - commander was navigating on the darkest and most miserable night that Germany has to offer, took a slight wrong turn and ended up on the frozen over Leopard Deep Wading Trench, with obvious result. Everyone got out OK, if a little cold, but the tnk was pretty fcuked - although after a bit of work and 18 months drying out it was fine!!

    Apparently the jokes about '10 degree down bubble' and 'dive, dive' lasted for months.
  7. Are tanks sealed against NBC? I always assumed they were, but if water gets in presumably they're not...
  8. The important word is "sealed".If all hatches were closed and the overpressure system operating NBC agents should not enter.Water is a different matter
  9. Thanks Firestarter. That explains it.
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The honest answer is that the photo posted is of an RTR tank and a Young officer who still serves was the commander. Points of note:

    1. All of the crew got out ok.

    2. The YO is not commanding any armoured vehicles at the moment so it is safe to go out onto Hohne range road.

    3. The tank is back in action, but it was sent to the RDG and is now VOR. (This is true).

    No REME pumpers were hurt in the making of this recovery.
  11. Good photo. That reminds me of on in my old office with a 432 head first in a tank ditch. Nice!
  12. Sorry mysteron it wasn´t the RTR this time,as bungle states it was a Troopie from the QRH! :oops:
  13. I thought looking at The tank it may have been 2RTR. I know they used to paint the red rat on the TI Door.
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Spud930, you are a spud. Read what Bungle said again. It is an RTR tank. I know because, I had the honour of watching the recovery and standing next to the culprit as he took the photo that you are looking at. If you still do not believe me, look at the combat indicator....

    The TI door has a Red Rat (7 Bde). QRH are in 20 Bde (Mailed Fist on Blue background).
  15. And that would be a RE Diver from 21 Engr having a swim and no doubt trying hard to breath, not laugh!