What happened when you first got drunk?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Woody32, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. What happened when you first got drunk?

    had **** with the cat, or dog, or worse, the mother in-law?
    Or simply shat into a lucozade bottle?

    Share your stories with fellow arrse holes!
  2. Ok, you first.
  3. Don't think Woody has ever been drunk,

    Mine was that I passed out in a mates wardrobe.
  4. Haha well...
    I cant remember much but mainly I can remember talking to this 18 year old girl I knew (stunning), and her saying that me and her shagged and that I was one of only four people shes ever really connected with.
    I can't actually remember doing anything so I havn't got a clue what happened!
    I was just wondering if similar things happened to others??

    Now it's your turn
  5. I was young and thought I was immortal, I got very drunk, verbally slagged off a couple of booties and offered them out. They just smiled and said "later" Some hours later whilst staggering back home we were ambused by said booties along with a few mates of theirs. During my valliant action I fell over a low wall into a garden, thus avoiding most of the sound thrashing my mates were given. In the morning it was found that all of my mates had very badly done over with black eyes etc. I however only had a grazed cheek and a bruised knee from where I had fallen over the wall :oops: Worst thing is, I still remember it 19 years on 8O

    Edited for spelling
  6. What exactly did this 18 year old stunner find so attractive in a bloke, drinking shandy bass?
  7. Threw up on in my bed and on my bedroom floor - in my sleep. Felt fine when I went to bed and fine when I woke up, my stomach is normally my limiting factor when drinking to this day.
    My father cleaned it up, a defining moment in my life.

    Afraid I'm quite tame... not enough drunken antics (still time for that :))
  8. Well i think she found the way I held my tescos value bitter, sort of sexual.
  9. Well now your talking! Was it a full can on your own, or shared between your mates?
  10. Or, was it White Lightning by any chance?

    Tesco tend to check ID's of young ones.
  11. Ah........Woody32..........your age changeability is equal only to Joan Collins.
  12. Yeah, she must be a right stunner if she's interested in a 15 year old :roll: :roll: :roll: Care in the community more like... What did you do, tell her she had ghosts in her clothes so she should take them off?
  13. Does that work????? I might have to try that one :D
  14. well the can we found behind a dustbin after being turned down for a bottle of non-alcohlic wine from tescos ....im still pickeng the soggy fag butts out of my teeth now.
    Well sometimes people look at peoples personality rather than looks; how else did you find a relationship with a member of the opposite sex amazing__lobster??
  15. i crawled under a fence to a storage unit and "found" three bottles of woodpecker cider when i was 6 years old. my family priest found me passed out in the local park and carried me home. on arriving at my house i was violently sick all over him to my mothers eternal shame. :lol:

    she still talks about it now 34 years later as if it was yesterday. :p