What happened to the mascots?

They will only appear for the athletics I imagine.
Has Welock been edged out? Has he been stoking Mandeville on the side?
I got my pic taken with one of them in the Olympic park gardens last week. Don't ask me which one!
My lad was given one for his birthday the other day. What crap - it went straight in the 'Recycled Presents Drawer' and will be re-wrapped and despatched to some other unsuspecting victim before the year is out!
From what I could make out they were visiting towns which weren't on the torch route, a kind of amoebic progress.
Mandeville- the Paralympic one- is blue, Wenlock- orange.
they've both been locked up for being stinking rotten drunk in many Public Places, and wee-ing on the Chief Geezer from the IOC's strectched Humvee..... and frightening the Pensioners out of their plastic bottles of 'White Lightenening' cyder...


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