What happened to the Fox hulls ?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Trossachs, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. A question from idle curiosity - Whatever happened to the Fox hulls ? As a member of NUOTCs Armoured troop we had 6 of them at one time - did they end up on the ranges as targets, sold off to the 3rd world or are they sitting in a shed somewhere ?
  2. I may be wrong but I believe they went to Mexico :?
  3. Mate what they did was............... stick the 'Scorpian' turrets on them that were removed from the hulls for the conversion to 'Sabre' (Scorpian hull with Fox turret) removed the gun and issued it to the RAF Regt who believe it or not named it the 'Sardine', quite apt really I think! :wink: Oh and BTW I'll get my coat!!! :lol:
  4. What, you just had the hulls :? The turrets ended up on a few 432's, not sure it came into full service, maybe because the 'Vixen' turet out performed it :wink: Anyway who cares what happened to them :sleepy: :tp: :sleepy:
  5. The 432/30 was out before we got rid of the Fox, IIRC there were only about 15 produced as a fore runner of the MICV and ended up in Berlin, I do remeber the recce guys firing them at Lulworth in 1981
  6. They then ended up at Warminster where they were used by the Demo Bn as "Opfor"

    Best place for the "Fox" hulls was down range - lol

  7. dunno, but I know what happened to their brother............

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  8. I heard that too, but the only reference I can find for Mexican 4x4 armoured cars is for the Mowag Roland (Swiss)

  9. Hello Goldfishfart,

    the Mexicans also have some French armoured cars,a bit like the Fox but with a bigger gun.
    I have no idea what happened to the Foxes though.

  10. Thanks T6
    I was told they would be going to Mexico to be used as turretless scout cars rather like a big Ferret, this was about the time when Sabre was first being modified, the guy who told me worked in disposal sales (although not of amoured vehicles) was never sure if this was pukka, or a wind up
    They probably handle a lot better without the turret, but are even draftier(is that possible?)
  11. thats what i heard, they had a 50 cal mounted in the turret ring but i have never seen any pics of them, nor have i seen them on any range either, perhaps the are kept in some hanger somewhere with the sabres
  12. Hey Soprano! Have you nicked my coat? :roll:
  13. Nah, not me honest! :D
  14. Fox was to be sold to Mexico in the nineties but the sale never happened. The vehicle was to have a smaller turret armed with .50" A similar vehicle called Pangar was shown in the Far East but little interest was shown at the time.