What happened to the boy with Tourettes?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, May 28, 2009.

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  1. msr

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    Twenty years ago, John Davidson became the face of Tourette Syndrome, when a BBC documentary about his daily battles with the illness became a national talking point. His involuntary swearing made him an unlikely overnight star, but how has he coped with life since?


  2. Biped

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    Fuck off!
  3. He fucked off
  4. Biped

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    MSR - wtf were you thinking, starting a thread on compulsive swearing?

    Have you had some sort of fucking spakkattack moment or what?
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    Who fcuking cares?


  6. terroratthepicnic

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    1. ARRSE Runners

    At the moment there is an ad at the bottom of the page for Ford that reads ' Right now, your sensible side is very, very nervous'. How apt. :D
  7. I had the pleasure of meeting John a few years back,fom the half hour I spent in his company I could tell he was a genuine top bloke.
    I've been working in the railways for last 9 years,and part of the job is dealing with assisted travel. John was booked in along with his companion on a train to London for an interview with Richard & Judy,and I was tasked with making sure everything went smooth for him whilst catching the train.
    I heard him before I saw him...........
    "F UCK ! ........F UCK....TRAINS ...CUNTING ....PIGEONS!"
    I introduced myself to him and his companion,and within a few seconds he had lurched at me as if to punch me, but after a few minutes he calmed down a bit (and I kind of stopped ducking down every time he lunged foward)
    We got talking,and it turned out we both knew some people from his home town of Galasheils,and we both shared a few common interests (saying the word c unt alot for me)
    By the time we got to the train,he had more or less stopped all the lunging and swearing,I took them to their seats in 1st class only for John to start shouting "NIGGERS!!.....BLACK BASTARDS.....FUCKING NIGGERS!"
    It may sound funny,but I know he was mortified.

    By the time the train left I was mentally exhausted,but all in all I felt better for meeting him.

    JOHN DAVIDSON. Top bloke!!....................F UCK!!!!!!!
  8. I seem to have developed reverse tourettes syndrome by ARRSE proxy. No matter how hard I try to swear it comes out all wrong ... like this:


    Or even worse:


    I hope there is a bold cure someday :cry:
  9. Surely it was more than 20 years ago I was at school because I left 6 form in 87 and joined up . Had a right laugh in school the next day with us all eminating his finer moments , loved the bit when his mum took him around the supermarket and some old bloke got both barrels , it nearly saw the poor t-at off classic , but remember he also spat , his mum had to put one of those fly covers over the cake at the dinner table while they ate there fish and chips. having a sly giggle here remeniscing I felt for his poor mum .
  10. He joined the Army, I met loads of people like him when I was in.
  11. I'm suspicious of these tourettes c**nts! attention seekers, if its a involuntary action why do they always come out with swearwords? why do they not shout words like "wardrobe sofa lollipop and such" nice clean words? f**king frauds I tell you.
  12. I remember sitting with the lads and a case of beer in the block in Colchester watching the first broadcast of 'John's not mad', by the end of it the carpet was drenched in ale as every time a swig was taken it was promptly spat out again due to the drinker laughing at the latest outburst. The highlight for me was the meal scene as one of the boys got the laughs so bad he fired beer out of both nostrils.

    Another one to look out for is the (Channel 4 I think) documentary where Keith Allen takes John and a bunch of kids, all with Tourettes/OCD etc, on a double decker bus from Scotland to the hospital founded by Dr Tourette in France. Must have been the roadtrip from hell but is genius comedy, John walks into some cathedral, stops dead, takes a massive breath in and shouts "WHIIIIIIZZZZZZZZ!" as loud as he can. Not sweary but I nearly pissed my Jekylls! And he keeps puching Keith Allen in the Knackers which can only be a good thing.
  13. My favourite clip is where the midlle class social worker is explaining how much the teenage John has improved, just as calls out "F UCKING PROSTUTUTE!!"
  14. Something along the lines of:

    "Mum yer F-cking Slag''

    If my memory serves me right...?