What Happened to The Abandoned Soldier?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Mikal, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. A few years ago many of us jumped in and either bought the statuette or donated money to this new part of Combat Stress. It seemed to promote a new way forward to help those who had left the system for whatever reason.

    I've just done my monthly visit to the website and it still has not had any updates since 2007.

    So why is it I see more help and activity by help Them Out than The Abandoned Soldier?
  2. This is from a pal who is at CS right now:

    [/b]Bit pissed off with having nowt to do over bank holiday weekend, and foods been shit, but hay when vets agency get the email i sent them it should hopefully stir up some shit down here, just had enough of being put on the shelf at weekends as if don't exist, WELL I F**KING DO, a part from that things are good, hope you and yours are well speak soon

    My own experiance of CS although goes back to the 90's was less than helpful. My first visit was to Leatherhead, the second morning I mentioned to staff that there was a WW2 Vet who had wet himself, the reply was disgusting,"We leave his like that, he does it all the time, we clean him up before he goes top bed" . .

    Second visit to Shropshire, where I was left in my room for two weeks, the ONLY faces I saw was the nurse with my meds four times and day and those who brought my meals in.

    I know it is not the same for all who attend, I HOPE?
  3. I don't have a beef with the main part of CS - I was at Tyrwhitt House for a while and although I felt I didn't quite fit the criteria they now focus on being able to mix with guys in the a similar predicament was a boon.

    What I want to know, via this site, is just what the "Abandoned Soldier" part of the charity has been up to. Otherwise I'll believe I just threw good money away.

    I agree about the food comment - it is very basic. We used to head out to Tescos.
  4. That was just one of the points I brought up with my MP when I saw him last Saturday. As soldier and ex soldiers are better treated and improve their overall health, both physical and mental health, when with other soldiers / ex soldiers.

    By all accounts in Whitehall the jury is out on that one, however, how many of those who make these decisions have been in the military and those who have, their reports are filed with o futher action . . :x
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/ministers-war-of-words-over-treatment-of-exservicemen-1668019.html

    Ministers' war of words over treatment of ex-servicemen

    Ministers' war of words over treatment of ex-servicemen

    By Terri Judd

    A furious row broke out between Whitehall departments last night as a Defence minister publicly pilloried his senior government colleagues over what he said was their failure to provide health services for former members of the armed forces.

    The Veterans minister Kevan Jones accused Health ministers of "not listening" to the needs of troops suffering severe – and sometimes hidden – traumas from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has insisted that former servicemen and women are given priority on the NHS.

    But a Department of Health strategy launched yesterday to improve mental health services makes no mention of veterans. The New Horizons programme will host "listening events" around the country to consult a "wide range of people", and will promote the mental health benefits of mother and toddler groups, lunch clubs for the elderly, inner-city sports societies and community arts projects. A health spokesman conceded there were no plans to talk to armed forces organisations as part of the programme.

    Mr Jones berated his colleagues. "This makes me very angry," he said. "As Veterans minister I have raised this directly with the Department of Health. The fact that they don't appear to listen to veterans is not acceptable and I will be taking this up directly with the minister responsible."

    "The MoD must continue to monitor these individuals and put pressure on the Department of Health."
    A Department of Health spokesman said the mental health of veterans would be considered if it was raised as an issue.

    Fecking lame excuse, as if they did not knopw, what crap!
  6. I was in CS Leatherhead February and March this year, the food was still crap, most of the therapists were in Australia on a jolly. Something to do with the Australians knowing more about PTSD than combat stress do.

    A lot of therapists, at combat stress are dead wood and are causing more harm than good and until the hierarchy of Combat Stress sort this problem out, you will be left to your own devices.

    Do not get me wrong, though there are some very good therapists but they are in the minority, not the majority. And this is one of the major problems with Combat Stress.
  7. Back on topic though, what has happened to The Abandoned Soldier?
  8. Perhaps it was not enough of a money spinner, email them and ask?
  9. He's been abandoned.
  10. The statue, which goes with abandoned soldier was given to Combat Stress, at Leatherhead, however, it was a bit too controversial for CS, so it was moved from the front of the building and placed to the rear.

    I haven't a clue where it is now.
  11. Strike controversial, insert NOT PC enough for the government, as it made them feel uncomortable when a minister had to make a visit, IF they ever do?

    I suppose the senior staff at CS like the statue, have to be PC, even wen they know that MORE has to be and CAN be done for their service user but if still want goernment funding, have to dance to the tune in Whitehall. :x
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I'm really glad to hear that there is support for Combat Stress here - ( even though heavily qualified in some cases by disappointing personal experience.)

    Never had treatment at Tyrwhitt House, just a supporter - but you might ask Johnson Beharry VC for his opinion - and the legions of other people who have turned to Combat Stress for help.

    They have seven gallant souls running this year's London Marathon for them. I know everybody is strapped for cash right now and there are a million and one good causes out there. But if you have served, and if you occasionally think
    ' there but for the grace of God go I'
    then Combat Stress is IMHO worth supporting. They've been around since 1919 so I can only conclude that for the past 90 years, they have been doing something right......

    If you can spare the price of a pint to support a fellow Arrser who is running for them on April 26th then please take a look here:


    As to Mikal's original post - did you mean the statue or the guy who modelled for it ?

    QRL soldier who was badly injured in a 'blue on blue' during Telic 1.

    Dit on the RBL site here http://www.poppy.org/index.php/who/daniel.html

    thanks all,

    Don Cabra
  13. Statue was removed at the request of patients,rumoured to be at National Memorial.

    As for the detractors of CS....
    If you don't like what they do/how they treat/feed you,then don't go! give up your valuable place to someone who will benefit from their help/treatment.
    Combat Stress is a charity! so if you think you can get better treatment somewhere else for free give it a go.
    Am into my 5th year of treatment at CS.
    A last one.....how the fcuk does it look to these people who are giving up their time to fundraise for US?
    Web Page Name
  14. As I understand a branch of CS was set up by the name of The Abandoned Soldier to raise money to help those who have left the system adn need help.

    From their home page --

    Once The Abandoned Soldier Fund reaches its target figure of £75,000, plus VAT and installation costs, it will then be devoted solely, on a case-by-case basis, to providing grants to individual ex-Servicemen and women in need, in particular, for those who have chronic ailments, or who are living in poverty. All funds received and disbursed by The Abandoned Soldier Fund will be audited by an accountant and published in a timely manner on the Abandoned Soldier Website. To attain these objectives, we are in the process of establishing a supervisory committee composed of ex-Service and ex-MoD personnel to steer the project and also a sub-committee to handle the disbursement of funds to hardship cases.

    I have emailed asking for inforamtion but have yet to receive a reply.
  15. As a regular donor to CS and someone who has also provided donations to The Abandoned Soldier I am concerned at the silence on the latter's website re progress and accounts. I am hoping some of the arrse movers and shakers can find out an answer and plonk it in this topic.

    It seems odd to me that Help Them Out is covering a similar area more actively and achieving IMO a better return on fund raising so far.