What happened to Tariq Aziz?

Ozduke said:
Is he still locked up? Is he alive? Just wondered!
Still alive unfortunately. Just locked up after surrendering to the Americano's.
Ozduke said:
Is he still locked up? Is he alive? Just wondered!
Thanks pal for stealing a future thread of mine.

But seriously, if I remember right and considering the man has virtually been proven right in all he said in those heady days leading to the war, the man was pretty intelligent.

I saw him live at the UN and I have to reluctantly admit he is way better than some of the idiots in the State Department I see running around trying to spin the badly mangled fiasco we have in Iraq right now.

If he was as bad as the Bush administration made him out to be, how come, at the very least , he's has not gone to trial or at the very most been hanged?

I'll be the first one to say: the man was damned impressive and whatever happens to him, he had the last laugh.

Prime Minister, I say, prime minister!
You can say that again.
He did.
I know.
I think everybody knows. Except him.

Poor man.

Calm down. It is easy to delete.

Get ahold of a pistol. Put pistol in mouth. Pull trigger.

Delete complete.


That reminds me of a really poor joke.

When does Saddam Hussein have his tea?

Wait for it

When Tariq Aziz

Badoom tish

Coat, hat, etc.
Tariq Azwaz?
Tariq Azwaz, presumably.



Book Reviewer
Oh leave the poor man alone. He was always very smartly turned out. That is so important in a mass murderer I always think.
Ozduke said:
Is he still locked up? Is he alive? Just wondered!

No doubt soon to be hanging from the rafters...


BAGHDAD - He was the international face of Saddam Hussein’s regime — defending Iraq and taunting the West for more than a decade. Now, Tariq Aziz awaits an Iraqi court as the latest member of the Saddam’s inner circle to face trial.

Aziz, 72, the only Christian among Saddam’s mostly Sunni Muslim coterie, and five other defendants face charges in the 1992 execution of dozens of merchants accused of profiteering.

The trial, scheduled to begin Tuesday, could represent the last high-profile Saddam-era figure to face prosecution for alleged atrocities.

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