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What happened to Steve

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this.

Does anyone know what happened to a chap called Steve: served with distinction in the Falklands, then went to work for a company called Centurion doing black bag jobs and training journos and such like?

I remember him substituting the word 'shocking' for the word 'fcukng' to preserve the modesty of the more fragrant or devout women and homosexuals (plenty of BBC staff on the course) in his care, a pretty pointless exercise when you think about it

"Shockin' 'Ell, you shockin' idiot", he would say frequently as he was dragged out of various land mine and RTA 'scenarios' with his plastic bowels in his hands.

I remember his response when an Iraqi journalist accidentally rolled him onto an anti personnel mine while trying to put him in the recovery position: 'What a bunch of shockin' shockers'.

Only reason I ask is that he's a good chap and I'd like to buy him a (nother) drink.

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