What Happened to Sid Vicious' Dad?

Was reading an article about why no-one knows who killed Nancy Spungen, and in it, it mentions that Sid's dad was a Guardsman and he didn't show up in Spain when Sid and his mum went to live there, expecting him to follow.

Anyone got anything on the father, the Guardsman?
Sid was a nasty POS.
Blinded a woman at the 100 Club; threw a glass at a band, hit an upright and shattered...
I bet you've got cupboards full of the stuff.....did you pinch an NHS id card to get it?
I'd like to say I smuggled it out of Sainsburys in my trousers having knocked down a couple of pensioners

the truth is boring - we got given a couple of massive bags of it a couple of months ago.


Good old Sid one of life’s **** ups.

He was cremated in the States and his Mum, who gave him his final fix brought his ashes back to the U.K. Only she dropped the urn at Heathrow allowing the ashes to waft up in to the AC where they recirculate to this day.

Or they were sprinkled on Nancy’s grave.

I think the first is the truth.
I blame the band.

If they weren't shit he wouldn't have thrown the glass.
I saw them and The Clash in the same week, The Clash where better.
But the Pistols gig was pretty bloody good...


Yesterday I had to sit down urgently and very nearly broke my soft close toilet seat .

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Sids Mother Anne was a big time drug user and dealer, and by all accounts an attention seeking PIA

so the story of SIds dad being a Guardsman must be taken with a pinch of salt, most drug users lie and cheat to get their fix, and she probably slept around, who knows who fertilised her
if he was a Guardsmen he probably gave her some money to go to Spain, and then sensibly cut of all contact
any one who has dealt with a drug user knows how much damage they do to families and friends
the entire punk thing bypassed me being of an older generation, the less of them the better

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