What happened to our SLRs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by two_of_seven, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. I have heard there is a huge amount of gmpg s in storage somewhere & an RM pal remembers getting a machine gun for use in armagh packed in 1949 & reissued 40 years later.

    Are the SLR's in war storage (just in case) somewhere, or sold off to african nations as Tim Collins book suggests?
  2. Flogged off.
  3. Your mates probably talking about the LMG ( Basically a BREN in 7.62)

    Did'nt Tim Collins write in his book that an SLR taken from the West Side Boys in Sierra Leone was traced to 1 Para at Bloody Sunday? Seems apochraphal, but who knows?
  4. That's right, they thought it was a G3 but turned out to be a British SLR rifle that was used at Bloody Sunday and was thought to have been scrapped or "lost" years ago.
  5. My bold -- Fact
  6. Luckily for them most of the guilty parties would have retired before the "error" came to light!
  7. Thanks Mr Lomas.
    Two-of-seven, I think its more likely it was from a batch that was flogged off by HMG at some point, rather than some buckshee tom in 1 Para selling it to make a few quid!!
  8. We sold them to the Sierra Leonians by weight as part of the deal sponsored by Peter Penfold, I seem to recall.

    The deal went through the crown agents.

    The Sierra Leonians hated them and wanted the AK 47 but these were virtually free.
  9. Don't forget that it's the availability of rounds that drives the market for rifles.


  10. I may be wrong, but my understanding was the rifle in question was marked down as destroyed and therfore unavailable to the bloody sunday investigations.
    So there would have been some serious questions to be asked of anyone still serving who had confirmed the weapon's destruction?
  11. Are you insinuating that the Bridsh gobment could be landed with the genuine liability and obligation it carries for its totally reckless and short-sighted orders on that day?

    Not a chance!

  12. It suspect it more likely that the truth may have been too untidy and was simply avoided. After all, destroyed or sold to SL, what's the chances of anyone ever finding out; well worth the risk IMO.