What happened to Matt McLeish?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TaffJ, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Recently I came across an old picture of Line Tp, 3 Sqn, 1 ADSR that must have been taken in the mid 80s. There were a few names and faces that I recognised and saw that Matt McLeish was in the pic with RIP alongside his name.
    I had heard a few years ago that he had been involved in a traffic accident somewhere in Africa and the information was no more than that he had been involved.
    Does anyone know the full story and where he is buried?
    Anyone that knew him would know that he was a nice fella with a nice family, I think his wife was named Gail.
  2. Could buy a frigging house in his name by what you just gave 8O
  3. Well he wouldnt mind would he ?
  4. TaffJ,

    I was a techie type in 3 Sqn at the same time as you and Matt (though I always thought it was Mac?) were there. Yep, fully agree that he was a great guy and being a typical liney was a great supporter of the Sqn Bar!

    I don't have much more detail than you already had, but I understand it was a Land Rover RTA, no other vehicle involved, with 2 pax. Went off the road, and over turned. The other guy survived I believe, but I have no idea of his name.
  5. Thanks Treegeek, I've done a few online searches but n/t. Will keep looking.
  6. Mac McLeish took us through training back in 1987/88 Iron Troop. A really great fella and got most of us to to become Combat Lineman! I was informed that he died whilst being in an RTA in Africa. Not sure if he took the post in Africa during a gap in recruit training?
  7. Have just come across this site.
    Mac did die in a road tragic accident out in Namibia.He went out with the advanced team three weeks before the peace giving started on the 1st April.27 years ago now I think.It was his 40th birthday and his Sons 16 th .
    Four soldiers were travelling together that day Mac was sitting behind the driver both of them died the front passenger and soldier behind him survived.
    Gail agreed with the Army to have a part military funeral in their home town Carlisle.He is in St John's Upperby there.
    I don't know how Gail the boys and family for through it all but they did and the boys followed in their Dads foot steps and joined the Army.Mac would be best proud of them like their Mum and Step Dad is.
    Never a day goes by that we don't all think of Mac.He was my youngest Sons God Father and my ex husbands best mate since meeting on their riggers course in 1981 then working together for two years in 39 brigade from Oct 82 and then again 86 in Verden.We came out to Civi life and they came to Catterick so had lots of family times together.Treasured memorries that never fade. X
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  8. Matt was my uncle, my mother's half brother. He Died in a traffic accident in Africa during the election monitoring operation. He was buried in Carlisle and was survived by Gail and his two boys each of whom carved out great careers for themselves in the Corps.
  9. Hi.Mac went out to Namibia for the peace keeping when it was being handed back.He went three previous to arrange the communication.The day before his 40 birthday 4 were in a hired car travelling long distance when the car went off the main rd down an enbankment.Two of them survived but Mac and the other sadly died.
    What is you Mums name ? We may a few of his family.
  10. You would not know my Mum Betty she died in 1986. You may have known old Mary Jim and Thea.
  11. I didn't need the girls until Mac's funeral.Jim and family visited Gail n Mac often....if it's the same Jim that is.If it is we knew them very well and their children Young Jim was really nice lad.
    I am still very close to Gail...My bestie ...Lol.We met when they were in 39 brigade late 1981....26 years since Mac that now...Still very sad.x