What happened to Corps orders?

Maybe I'm living up to my name here, but what happened to the forecast of Corps orders?

I've checked the REME & promotion section of the MS site on DII, I've checked the REME & promotion section on army net, with no luck. Its almost like they are trying to keep it a secret, there seems to be no mention of them. There used to be a full years timetable for upcoming Corps orders on the MS website, but it seems to have been pulled off the site.

The info I'm seeking is when are the next set of Corps orders due out? The best estimate I've had so far is a Q-badge telling me its some time in August.

I was selected for promotion to stripey off the employability board last year (got myself upgraded), I've done my SCLM Pt1 just over a month ago, its logged on JPA, so theoretically now I should just be waiting for the Corps order to pick up (fingers crossed).

Anyone know the answer?
Are you wearing? If so who gives a ****, the date will show on orders no matter when they bother their arses to put it up. If you arent wearing and are waiting to be told you have picked up, then you might want to get your OC or ASM to speak to records, as even the sweeper results are out now and those who picked up have been informed. It would also be an idea to periodically check your workflow on JPA to see if you have an assignment order.

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