What happened to Bustygem19?

I was looking forward to the next chapter......
looks like the thread was pulled... only this one comes up on a search...


Who or what is or was Bustygem? So-called because of her valuable mamary glands?
She popped up on the Lonely Hearts thread looking for blokes of any age to do her and treat her like shit. Massive chebs, face like a window licker. Go on xtube and type in Bustygem19, you'll see her 2 vids.
Tubby bit of cunt with crap tats and a fizzog like a moomin. More than likely a hairy bloke planning on having a bloody good laugh at some desperate old perverts' expense. :)
there are some fussy buggers in here lately!
Don't get me wrong, with a beer or two in me I'd shag anything with two feet and a heartbeat, but sober - she's fucking awful, sorry. She's got one of those upside down mong mouths and a fuzzy 'tache and everything. Also, lifting that horrible jellified gunt out of the way would put make me physically ill. I bet her boob cracks are lined with a never ending supply of warm camembert.

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