What happened to Bustygem19?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Queensman, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. I was looking forward to the next chapter......
  2. looks like the thread was pulled... only this one comes up on a search...
  3. I saw her vids on xtube. To be fair I wouldnt say no, but thats no reccommendation.
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  4. Anyone care to share some info? I must have missed this one.
  5. Who or what is or was Bustygem? So-called because of her valuable mamary glands?
  6. She popped up on the Lonely Hearts thread looking for blokes of any age to do her and treat her like shit. Massive chebs, face like a window licker. Go on xtube and type in Bustygem19, you'll see her 2 vids.
  7. Tubby bit of cunt with crap tats and a fizzog like a moomin. More than likely a hairy bloke planning on having a bloody good laugh at some desperate old perverts' expense. :)
  8. Sorry chaps but that is truly gopping. And no, I wouldn't.
  9. I've had worse.

    Fuck I've had a LOT worse.
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  10. You is a homo, erase your army number from your memory.
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  11. Not sober, I'd wager.
  12. My oh my yes.

    Picture her only with glasses, black (I mean pikey black) hair and a 20-a-day habit. Her drink of choice was Chinzano and lemonade. I was 16 and she was 20 something. Let me tell you though..... I learnt fuck all.
  13. I'd have done it from here to christmas, you lot are too fussy.
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  14. she got her three punters and ended up with a face looking a plasterers radio. classy bird
  15. Some one reported her as spam and she got disappeared - it's a shame; she was a stunner. ;-)