What happened over at mil.com?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. I decided to have a dekko there after quite a long absence and found a couple of (sometimes very long threads) bemoaning the fact that a lot of the "veterans" had left. This must have been comparatively recently and was apparently caused my some sort of administrative upheaval. Although I couldn't really figure out what went down.

    Anybody post there regularly and got the skinny? :?: :?: :?:

  2. I don't post there too often but I lurk from time to time. Basically that place has turned into a breeding ground for posers and *******. The last straw, I believe, is that it has turned somewhat anti military at times and the new owners of the site have run it into the ground. Many of the real deal troopers that were there have begun to find new homes.
  3. I wouldn't call it anti-military there's a lot of trolls there at times, but try and post anything genuinely anti-military and you'd get clobbered. There was a cadre of certain vets, civilians and troops with a pack mentality who pretty much jumped on anyone--vet or current service--who didn't cow-tow to their view of things. Some of them were mods with a 'following' who'd let their pack-members get away with sh*t and warn or ban others with different views, a real double-standard. So the admins clumsily put a stop to it and much of the pack left. It's mil.com's fault, they should of implemented fair and strict moderation terms from the beginning for all no matter what their political views and limited the place to vets and current service.
  4. Some have moved on to www.usmilnet.com . I prefer the more professional sites like lighterfighter and paratrooper.net .
  5. I'm a member of those boards, and what you guys have said is for the most part true. I don't know how you're soldiers are thought of in the UK, but here our military is under constant scrutiny from the public. The bottom line is, without a military a country is completely helpless against its enemies. Considering the fact that the United States has considerably more enemies than alot of countries (because of our virtually limitless freedoms), we do have a serious need to maintain our defense. When people who really know nothing about the military, or how it works, demeans the people that are there to ensure their FREEDOMS, it tends to piss us off :)

    The reason so many left mil.com at once is not only because of the trolls, but also because the newer management is being viewed as "softies". People are demeaning the military more and more without anyone stopping them (yes they have freedom of speech, but mil.com has always been, to us, a haven where we can communicate our cares and concerns without outside input). They also have been restricting what we can say and do, making them seem more like babysitters than brethren.

    I hope you all don't mind me creating an account here, because I don't want to become what we at mil.com have been upset about. However, I wanted to let you guys in on what was going on since you seemed concerned. There are actually a few questions I was wanting to help answer I saw in other topics. I will assure you that I won't pass judgement on anyone here or react in an immature or childish way. Heck, I'm still active on mil.com (I just ignore the do-dos).

  6. From what I've been told by the few british veterans I know, it's even worse in the UK. I'm just a yank teenager, so any opinion I voice out here is based entirely on what I've heard (or seen in photo/video) from my friends
  7. Welcome to ARRSE. :wink:
  8. Oh sh*t!
    Hit the dirt!
  9. Don't say that! :D :D :D

    I think you'll find that, by and large, people on ARRSE welcome the regular Septic input here, since it helps us to form a more rounded picture of events.
    Of course, there are posters and posters. People like Trip_wire and Virgil post some very thoughful and insightful stuff that I (and I'm sure other ARRSErs too) find highly interesting. Then there are the gobshites like Dogface and T6 who nobody really takes very seriously.
    It usually doesn't take very long to suss the gormless on ARRSE and then they just get relegated to the cheap seats.

  10. USAF, conservatives on this site are viewed as troll's . :lol:
  11. There was more than ONE mod who did that? Saw people get banned over there for simply having a fiffering view. How Kiteria hung on I have no idea.

    The way other genuine veterans were treated was appalling , especially what happened to Yogi. Massive smear campaign set up by amongst others Mr. "Ah drove me a Tanker bird , Ah seen heavy sh*t". It was then kept going by the no military service whatsoever uber-patriot groupies.

    Even after Yogi proved his credentials, and damn , he had been there and then some, and obviously didn't want to talk about it, they still set on him. It was disgusting to watch the 'Moderator' do nothing about it.

    The pack mentality, when someone even dares criticise Bush policy is incredible. Why are most of the mudslingers, those from REMF backgrounds?
  12. T6, not even I think of you as a troll. At best, you are a mong and as such are a million miles from the likes of Dogface, whose only possible competitor is Pentwyn/Lawstudent/Yannie in terms of how much he can grip people's sh1t.

    There are plenty of conservative Arrsers that are capable of rational thought and able to express themselves in a clear, coherent and articulate fashion- and get along just fine with just about everyone. You get grief from people because you're a shuddering hoop that can't punctuate a sentence properly, let alone think for yourself.

    USAF, in all seriousness, Arrse is a lot more pluralistic than almost any US military-related forum you're apt to find. Most of us like it that way. Be warned though, that in the serious fora, over-simplified, jingoistic, flag-waving boll0cks and unquestioning adherence to party lines tends to get very short shrift. People around here generally like to think for themselves- we get persuaded by arguments, not bumper stickers. If anyone can't substantiate a claim they make or position they take, or if they just repeat the spin laid out by their political masters, they'd better be ready to take a flaming.