what happened about that ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Paton216tech, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. a few months ago in the news the welsh lad worked at gchq but seconded to the
    cia/6 but managed to top himself in london flat, then zip himself up in a huge sorty type bag
    and climb into the bath, not forgetting to lay out a few sim cards in a ritualistic
    fashion and leave some whips n chains in his wardrobe beforehand.
    What was the outcome ? must have missed the thread on here about it,
    or i imagine the police dont suspect foul play ?....
    someone enlighten me
  2. You see the CCTV footage of him that emerged?
  3. Didn't he die of dehydration? Something about using up every drop of his bodily fluid spitting into bloke's *********. The ******* bumder.
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  4. no not seen nowt, parading round soho in a gimp suit or something like that ?
  5. Close.
  6. very convenient
  7. Good to know 6 are recruiting the right sort.
  8. Journo? (not a very good one)

    The outcome was that once they flushed out the contents of the bag, the coppers sold it for £4.50 at a car boot sale and used the money to pay for policing the riots.
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  9. It was a shame I'd just got him well trained anyone got a slave to loan?
  10. no i work in a charity shop helping those less fortunate
    your answer? (not a very good one)
  11. I do apologise. The answer to your question is that he zipped himself into a bag, had a **** and died. Job done.
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  12. So THAT's why they couldn't get the zip undone.
  13. They couldn't get the zip undone because it was padlocked with a special CIA device.

    The mastermind behind 9/11 (George W Bush) flew over in an unmarked helo, wanked him off and zipped him in the bag.

    Hope that helps Paton.

    Would you like a nice, big bag for your charity shop? One not-so-careful owner? I've washed it out.
  14. he knew too much, someone topped him
  15. He didn't know how to **** in a bag without killing himself...
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