What happends at grantham TAF1

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by markey1986, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Please can some one tell me what we do at grantham on our taf1 and can we fail it

    Please let me know guy

    Thank you
  2. you carnt fail it dont worry
  3. The only thing they can fail you on is the medical, but like pipster said don't worry.
  4. you can fail it, but you have to ba an absolute mong.
    two muppets on my weekend failed.....
    its pretty straight forward, introduction to ta life etc, drill, possibly bit of fitness if a pti is available.
    its an insight basically.....
  5. Sixty

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    PM me an email address if you like, I've still got the itinerary for the TAFS weekend 28th-31st of July at Grantham kicking about on my PC. Can forward it easily enough.
  6. thank you people one more q what do i need to take with me to my tafs 1 and is tafs 2 the same
  7. markey -who is your sponsoring unit? they will tell you everything you need to know - so don't ask the forum - ask the guys who are there to help you. can you fail it? yes, of course you can, but don't worry about it - just be yourself, and if the army's for you and you are for the army, you'll pass. if you fail, it doesn't mean you won't make it to be prime minister ( i suspect he would fail the lie detector test, the talk bollocks test and the make people believe me test).

    best piece of advice - start running - get running fit - if you can run, you can do just about everything in the army. doesn't matter if you are quick or slow, but if your body is generally running fit, you will find everything much much easier.