What happend to the "90 million shooting school" Thread?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FrankCastle, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. It was still active in the early hours of this morning, when BBR was "owned" by TRAZTAZ.

    Since then it's disappeared. I was not aware of any OpSec issues and the flaming/banter was'nt any higher than normal. :?
  2. Like wot he said??
  3. Maybe it was binned for our own good, were you all getting out of hand?

    MODs, were there any complaints/OPSEC issues?
  4. Yeah where did it go, I wanted to catch up on what was happening.

  5. these threads are for me a fascinating insight. I have a paradoxical view of the police: a negative overall view and a huge admiration for many of the individuals...
  6. I would have to agree mac.

    However having met quite a few (in S Wales) I am inclined to think standards are slipping.

    In all fairness I think a lot of them are giving in, I mean working for bosses like they have.......

    Bollox to that.
  7. Perhaps the moderator has held it over for April Fools Day next week..
  8. Yeah, I was also watching it with interest. One comment caught my eye, from the chap who said in not so many words he detested what he had turned into, but was sticking out for the dosh.

    Personally, and yes I've got children and bills to pay, if it was that bad and made me feel like that, I'd be offski.

    Lifes too short to do it any other way.
    Just my two pennies.
  9. On another note, what happened to the frenchperson threads?

    Confuzzled of confuseville
  10. Considering that it seems to have been withdrawn completely I would hypothesise (?sp) that something was said that was legally problematic, but had been reported, probably potentially libelous. The Mods would be compelled to withdraw it so it couldn't be seen, but keep it on record in case there was a court case. This appears to have been the case with a recent 9/11 conspiraloon thread. Even though the complainant (is there such a word?) had no beef with the site, just the person who made the comment. I don't pretend to understand the technicalities, perhaps a mod would elucidate in the most general terms.
  11. perhaps best not to be going asking anywhere near Leicester uni eh?
    JOking apart, probably for the best, was starting to go all Pete Tong.
  12. I'de love to know where its gone, me and Plod were having fun , no hard feelings eh plod, all in the name of good debate eh?If there is a mod that can tell me where, or why its gone please do.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The thread has been temporarily moved out of the publicareas of the site whilst it is sorted out. It had, unfortunately, turned into a cyber shouting match which wasn't getting anywhere. It will return when I have had the time to delete the cobblers.
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