What hapened to the "Rumour Service"?

What happened to the "Rumour Service"? Has this site become as boring as ebay?????

My god this is a site where you can sew some seeds(rumours) and generally wind people up at their expense without worrying what rank, gender, cap badge etc they are.( As long as OPSEC is not compromised!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I need to go back to Iraq at least life out there is a little more interesting and no-one asks where to buy rank slides and other kit they probably aint entitled to wear (Walts take note).

Witty repartee gladly welcomed but may not be read for a few months untill I can drum up enough motivation to sign back on(To this website that is!!)
God! how long has it been since you had a shag! :p
You sound as miserable as you're avatar looks
Dry your eyes mate, its what YOU make of it.

If its not up to your high standard then why dont you offer up some witty reparte, funny stories or rumours.

Instead of whinging like a c0ck.
Up Yours!! Miserable cause ARRSE got boring.

Whats your excuse? want to live in a cartoon world do we? Or is there something behind your avatar?
Its true what I say though isnt it.
If you dont like what you see, offer something up, or find another site.
Cartoon world?
Nah mate, my world is good enough without moaning about a website.

Oh and, my excuse for what exactly?
jonny_bored_bollox said:
Quite recently thank you, How about you?
Is that an offer?...I love angrrrrrry men... :wink:
I quite like living in a cartoon world - no whinging Tw*ts to annoy me
Why would i want to engage in a bout of willy jousting with tiresome fecker like you.
The best you can come out with is

At last, some biting going on!

Hmmmmm - and you wonder why you can't get into the mess
I think freely of course i do, when im marching from A to B i can pretty much think what i want.

What do you do to 'rebel'?
Leave your button undone?
The real issue is that no-one seems to manage to maintain any position seriously and thus the discussion invariably peters out. Clearly none of the folkj above have anything worthwhile to provide by way of rumour and are simply looking for a cyber punch up based on nothing at all. What we really need is rumours, half truths and supposition to see whats really going on. Minor one liner scuffles are very dull - like those who partake in them.


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Is it true that the RLC is going to absorb the REME soon?

Is that ok

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