What habits do Officers have that make you laugh?

Ced and his wife,both outstanding people.Knew him well at Sandhurst,where got constant bollickings.Clearly that did him not harm!

bangalore said:
12echo said:
Cedric Delves was a "bloody good bloke", but he kept disapearing!

Ah the only officer I know who not only smokes rollies but can spliff them one handed - I was very impressed. Shame what happened to him though - and his wife.

Another one Jeff Cook ex CO of the D and D's alot of people didn't like him - but I would follow him up sh1t creek without a paddle - absolutely wiped the floor with the OPFOR in BATARRSE. He would be brilliant in AFG - a real soldiers soldier.
Don_Coyote said:
Oh dear, the ability to laugh at one's mistakes - such a crime... what??!

Maybe if others on this thread had written

Pte AN Other
GCSE (all) Failed

on their door rather than grow an entire potato field's worth of chips on their shoulders about people who continued in education then life could be a lttle more chilled out!


You seem to be slighty miffed with the lower ranks discussion of your Mess mates failings, says a lot about you and your fragile ego.

PS I joined as an OR with qualifications that would have been acceptable to an AIB or Army Board. I just wanted to live with people whose idea of sartorial elegance extended beyond cords ,Barbours and green wellies. :twisted:
Since leaving the employ of HM I have gained Tradesmans Qualifications to City and Guild standard and a fair to middling Degree.
As for chips and chilling the words pot, kettle etc apply.


I once heard an Ociffer say

"Follow me chaps, I'm right behind you!"!
A couple from memory

Detailed to drive an RAF Wing Co somewhere
" You get in the back laddie I'll drive got the work ticket I'll sign it"
Drove like a proper looney too (met him about 5 years later on Ex and he walked straight up and shook my hand and jabbered away like we were long lost mates)

Harrier Pilot offering rides in the T- Bird if we let him have a drive round town in the Bedford

HCR Officer asking if we knew how to get Diesel out of an unleaded Audi
When asked how did you get diesel in the tank in the first place?
"We (pointing to another officer) cut up a coke bottle and made a funnel"

Phone call at RAF Northolt Guardroom
FLT LT Fukcwit here I've ordered some pizzas for my guests and I get someone to pay for them will you and get the roving guard to drop them at the officers mess
Most annoyed and upset when Guard Commander refused

Oh and I once drove the SWO at Cranwell during a Royal Review when he jailed a Wing Co on the CO's orders for being improperly dressed (wearing number two's instead number ones)

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