What Gun?

Simple question really.

I want to shoot rabbit, pigeon and anything else edible that strays across my sights for the pot.

I've got a pre-charge air rifle with a decent scope but I'm considering either a shotgun or a .22 rimfire.

Porridge Gun has already told me to stop being a ******* pussy and get a rifle.

I shouldn't have a problem getting access for the air rifle or a shotgun a rifle may prove a bit more difficult as there are a shit load of foot paths around here, in fact there's one 20 acre field behind me that has 7 footpaths going though it!

So what do I need to shoot for the pot?
I use my air-rifle for the widgeons, .22 for the bunnies. I tend to shoot the birds out of trees which is a touch unsafe with a .22 - hence a non FAC air rifle. If you want a device to cover both and you are not needing to shoot industrial quantities of rabbits then I'd go for the shotty. If you want lots of rabbits get a rifle. You may also be about to discover that every man with a long shooty device has his own opinion on what calibre is best for what....


I'd stick with the air rifle. Having used all 3 of your options:

1. The shotgun will clear a small field of bunnies on the first shot - great if you want to finish early for a pie and a pint, but not good if you aren't willing to wait for a hour or two between shots. If you think you stand a chance of decoying woodies onto you fields, then it would be worth considering for that.

2. The .22 is great for rabbit control, but you will find yourself limited in how you can use it safely. I used to shoot over a number of small fields with roads, houses and paths nearby. I had perhaps one or two safe angles to shoot the .22, but could use the air rifle just about everywhere as long as I stayed a sensible distance from property and paths.

3. The air rifle was quiet and accurate although limited by range. It meant that I could shoot rabbits over all of the fields available to me plus roosting pigeons but I had to be up on the basics of fieldcraft to do it. With a decent moderator it was possible to take two or three rabbits feeding in the same area - something you would really struggle to do after firing a shotgun.
Why not go for a .410 shotgun? Rather than a big bugger. That with a decent air rifle should thin out the enemy and fill the larder with few problems...

or, if you've got a country house:-

Get a .22LR and a shotgun. I would personally go for a combination gun with .22Hornet and 20gauge because I think they shoot well, breakdown in to a easily concealed package and look cool. But then they cost a shitting fortune.
Here's my old rig for rabbit, woodie and squizzers.

BSA Ultra .177 multishot with a tench regulator and Simmons AETEC 2.8-10x44

Unbelievably accurate once fettled and regged by tench. Doesnt cost the earth either. 60 shots+ on a charge of 250bar

Used it for Hunter field target and it was knocking spots off olympic rigs costing 5 times more.

Oh, and silent to all but the user and end user!
I got a second hand BSA .177 super ten.

Kills everything I point it at, squirrels pigeons and rabbits

I can quite happily knock 2-3 rabbits over with out them all running for the hills

I have the advantage of living where I shoot so can bob out more than once at dawn or dusk and stalk down the litt;e critters
You bunch of limp wristed bed wetters.............there's only one calibre and that's 10mm auto...............Err what was the question?
What The_Duke says is good advice but IMHO ... Air rifles tend to lack the hit of a .22lr and a shotgun is massively loud. One shot and all the food flys or runs away.

Moderated, scoped, bolt action .22lr will do all of the above. Plod may have to clear the land for shooting vermin on the open licence.
.22rf is not always possible. Sounds like nonFAC air is the way to go although same safety rules apply.
Here's my beezers

Top BSA Stutzen taploader in .22

BSA Hornet Multi carbine. John Bowkett blueprinted and FAC'd in .22

BSA Ultra multi .177 , tenched and before I heavily modified it.

Only got the stutzen now which I keep at my ex father inlaws farm

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