What Ginger people smell like

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatbagthedruid, Jun 10, 2009.

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    In a non-offensive way, just trying to work out what Ginger people smell like.

    Copper coins
    Toe jam

    Any others from out there in the NAAFI bar?

  2. gusset gunk
  3. Stale milk.
  4. msr

    msr LE


    Fox's piss

    And don't they also cheat at cards?
  5. Fox piss, disgusting creatures,

    gingers that is, not foxes
  6. Strawberries,

    eveyone has a bit of ginger in them :D
  7. Hamster cages
    Watch straps
    Burning tin
    loo blocks
    yeast infections
    burning clutches

    I thank you.
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  8. Have been mulling this over for a few months and myself and a few others came up with these (managed to find the list) in addition to the ones I posted earlier:

    Watch straps
    Poor people's cooking
    Licking a 9V battery
    New Gunner Magazine
    An electrical fire
    Burning hair/ nappies/ flesh
    Wee wee
    Broken pencils/ pencil shavings
    Molten tin
    Wood shavings
    Bus shelters
    Lifts in a block of flats
    Jock straps
    Loo seats
    Dribbler trousers
    Week old exercise socks
    An Otter's pocket
    A badger's ARRSE
    Your Watford Gap after a sweaty night out
    The fluff in your belly button after PT
    Hamster cages
    DIY shops
    Pontus Biffinus Vulpes
    A dolphin's burp
    Dry markers
    Leather arm patches
    Old geography text books
    bunsen burners
    Sharpened pencils
    Little pots of PVA glue

  9. A very comprehensive list granted but a few additions;

    3 week old Spaff
    Dog farts
    Tramps Vomit
    A knackered cat
    The back of a cooker
    Vegetable Tray (The Fridge Variety)
  10. At bieng Ginger maybe !!
  11. LOL!!!

  12. Old grass clippings in a bin bag
    Cat litter
    a Butcher's
    homeless people
    Bad chicken
    old people homes
    formaldehyde (sp?)
    Dusty lightbulbs
    Imagine how it feels when you get lemon juice in a cut. Got it? Well like that but a smell.
  13. Agree but personally a little more like having a toke on a Concentration camp for me
  14. It's a start.