What gear would you wear if civil war broke out in this country?

The skin of office based council staff as it is blubbery and therefore warm.

It also reeks of failure and disenchantment which is similar to this thread.


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
I'd be in Jarrod's cellar/bunker. I hear the soft furnishings are very tasteful!
and the hanging chair is very comfortable I suppose
A hijab and an EDL shirt. Failing that a plain white vest that would get progressivily dirty and torn throughout the day... Yipee ki yeh
in this civil war what side am i on !! ill wear the same as all my fighting mates as long as its not pink or cerise as they really do clash with my urban street cred !!
A single sock and half a broom handle shouting bang bang bang at anybody who wanders past. Let's face it, nobody is going to **** with the naked fruitcake with a broom gun.

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