What fitness career do you believe would help the most people?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by madinjeck, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. I am looking forward to entering the fitness and nutrition industry. I am versatile.
    If you were to desire, require or hire a fitness expert for any reason, what would you want and appx what would you pay?
  2. I'm just about to do a CrossFit level 1 instructors course. Crossfit gyms are exploding across the world, and the workouts can be scaled to suit everyone.
    Plus I get massive, and people pay an obscene amount of cash. Win-win
  3. Don't really follow what your asking, but if you are looking to enter the industry your going to need Level 3 - Personal Training Certificate to get a job anywhere.... pay depends on where you are in the country and varies dramatically. How old are you, employed or unemployed, for some reason if your young and on the dole the tax payer will pay for your training.... other wise go get £1500 for some training.
  4. I have done the Level 3 Diploma in PT and it cost a lot more than 1500 quid, hopefully be doing the masters level 4 in feb
  5. Sandy... you got a Diploma in PT Level 3, poor ppl get a Certificate in PT Level 3. Didn't see the need to watch some fit bird spinning for a few days to get the Level 3 Indoor Cycling qualification.... hang on a sec, I might of missed something there....
  6. Don't worry, Driverslag will be along in a minute to tell you!

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  7. A 3yr old thread re-born at this special time of year.
    Is it from above, is it the 2nd coming is er coming?
    Or some dumb ass who is going to tell us all how he pumps iron at the beach?
    Rejoice at the thread, rejoice it is re-born, rejoice rejoce!