what find of training are you doin?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by foshy, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. hi all ive been training for the army now 4 bout 6months on and of due to injurys..i hit the gym everyday and lift weights...and i also do alot of running proberbly bout 4 times a week and about 8 miles each time and do it at the paras old training ground in aldershot as thats where i come from obviously iv got a good head start by doinig this..i am joining them to...any 1 joining infantry..if so what kind of training have u been doing for it? cheers
  2. I wouldn't worry about too much weight training. Just hit the road/paths/trails and get running (as you seem to be). Try varying it too. Do some longer runs but also do some shorter ones with fartlek training to develop your speed. Also pressups. You can never do enough of them!
  3. If you've been getting injured repeatedly then you need to stop and see what you're doing wrong. Proper PT won't injure you. If you keep picking up injuries then one day you'll do something serious and either be crippled for life or end up sat on your arrse for six months whilst you heal, watching your fitness go down the drain.
  4. monday.... gym & 3mile run
    tuesday.... 5 mile run
    wednesday.... 3 mile run & gym
    thursday.... 3 mile run & swim
    friday.... gym & 3 mile run
    saturday... 10 mile run
    sunday... gym

    main reason for gym was the to strengthen quad muscles and get abit of cardiovascular training in, recently added the swimming,

    happy days... just abit cold this time of year!
  5. speedy, i think your doing too much. your body will not be able to keep that up over a sustained period of time.

    i train a lot, and i was even on regi cross country for a bit, and i never ran that much.

    you have no rest days there, so your body will just learn to muddle through, and you'll slowly injure yourself.

    i am a complete pt freak, so nobody needs to explain to me the desire to push yourself and get results quickly.

    run everyday like that and youll **** yourself.

    even top marathon runners dont run more then about 4 times a week usually. quality, not quantity
  6. arr... i did have a rest day once, it was tuesday, wot about if i put that backin? sundays aint too busy either

    i use to use the treadmill at the gym but it was $hite, so i just do cardio with leg/back/arms depending on which day i visit and then go for a 'quick' run round the block.
  7. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer


    IMHO, you seem to have quite a heavy training schedule, so you need to take at least one day out - all the 'professional' guidance in Running Weekly and other fitness magazines states rest is critical to fitness and actually helps you become fitter. Likewise, all the physio's I have seen over the years stated the same (ex-Rugby player). Personally I look forward to a rest day to recharge and I know it means I have more energy when I hit the next work-out.

    I am currently doing CrossFit (check out CrossFit.com) and find it has massively improved my fitness since I started 3 and half months ago. I cannot see me ever doing any other training programme. I do add in cardio for warmups ranging from 10-25 minutes. The programme does not have as much running in it as I thought I needed to do, but despite this, I am running faster now than I have for years. Definitely need the rest days on this programme. Normally, they programme in a rest day every fourth day.
  8. One week would usually include - 3 crossfit WODs, 3Runs ranging from 5Km-15Km and 3 weightlifting sessions. Also have personalised sports on top of that, boxing mainly.
  9. Echo what BZ said. If you're repeatedly picking up injuries then you need to take a step back and see what you're doing wrong. It might be due to over training or not warming up properly (seriously, not just doing a few stupid leg stretches but gradually increasing your heart rate, body temperature & warming up the synovial fluid in your joints with light cardio first).

    Getting fit for the infantry myself, my training is a combination of; 3-6mile runs doing either HIIT, Fartlek, 1'5mile best effort or 60% MHR, hi-rep low resistance training in the gym (press ups, sit ups, dips, squats, lunges, chins etc) & sometimes high-resistance CV work on the machines (stair master, elliptical trainer) just to mix it up a bit/give my body a break from running.
  10. have a rest day. id say thursday as it breaks the week up nicely.

    also, try and have alternative fizz day too, this acts as a sort of rest day. instead of a run, do a equivalent time cycling. it will work different muscles in your legs while doing your cv. helps prevent you having strong running specific muscles and shit other ones in your legs.

    something like this would be a good program:

    mon- run
    tue - swim + run [am, pm]
    wed - cycle
    thurs - rest & stretch
    friday -circuits [good for your cv, plus balances out your fitness]
    sat - long run
    sun -rest or swim

    instead of hitting the miles, make the miles you do count double. i always chuck in hill reps on any run i do, run off road, and push myself, and always go balls out for a fast last mile or so and a sprint finish.

    being running fit has 2 elements. muscle and cv.

    as your leg muscles become more effecient and stronger, they place less load on your cv system. this means you can actually work out your cv better by doing alternative exercise.

    if you have never swam a day in your life, you could run a 8 min pft, but get in the pool and try and do a length of front crawl and you'll hang out your arrse.

    so doing an alternative exercise can be just as beneficial, if not more in some case.
  11. what happens to the gym? it costs me nothin for membership, would you keep going or change to the above?

    your not joking either... :), i've tried and felt fcuked... :oops: i would recommend swimming to anyone! i only added swimming after looking at the para p company challenge website and their training program, if you think i was overdoin it, check out their training plan on their website
  12. Seconded. Not even the most elite, world class/Olympic athlete would train every day. They all take at least one rest day a week to allow the body to recover.

    I discussed this a competive Marathon runner. This racing snake averaged over 100 miles a WEEK when preparing for a Marathon, but always gave himself at least one day of rest. 8O
  13. im not getting injured all the time...its a twisted ankle from coming dwn these rocky hills, or in genral just sore feet iv sorted it all out im 110% fit now and i am ready 4 my selection...i was just intrested to c hw u other lot have been training..thanks any way lads...o yea and speedy take a week of m8 lol!
  14. At x4 8m runs per week ur doin more miles than me!

    Best of luck with your future training, if your lucky you may get these silver shaddow trainers included in your kit, nice, very very nice :)


    don't know if you will get them still or if they have been outlawed, but if you do, you won't forget them...

    best of luck!!
    im now resting...
  15. speedy, regards to the gym, if its free, use it. lower body exercises dont have a major effect on your running, which is what you need if you wanna do the para 10 or just get decent at running.
    yes, it has been shown to be beneficial, but its more at the level of a fairly high class athlete, as in your probably looking to take minutes off times, not shave off the odd 3 seconds.

    if your into the gym, go and pump iron, but its quite difficult to develop your strength endurance to the level to improve distance running through weights.

    people with a high level of muscle power in their lower bodys tend to be quite explosive sprinters, but remember the more muscle mass you have, especially on your legs, the more energy you use each stride.

    it depends on your aims.
    the best guage is look at a professional athlete in what you want to be good at. eg, if you wanna be a distance runner, look at guys who are world class marathon runners, if its explosive power, look at sprinters.

    marathon runners tend to look like they have recently been released from belsen, however look at sprinters, most of them seem to be a bit more toned.

    having said all this, remember fitness is an all round concept. as a soldier its all very well running a 7 30 pft, but you can be a balls soldier if you cant clear a 4ft wall on the assault course!