What film would you remake?

HG Wells "The Shape of things to come" (1936).

War of the Worlds based on the book, rather than a vehicle for Hollywood 'Stars' and, getting English speakers to act in it.
Loathed to suggest it, but in the same vain i'd say Zulu... i know.

Only for one point - the mis-representation of 'Hookie':

"Saul David writes in his book, Zulu: The Heroism and Tragedy of the Zulu War of 1879,[4] that Alfred Henry "Harry" Hook VC was there as the hospital cook, subsequently as part of a small guard detail assigned to protect the patients. Saul David continues that far from the miscreant portrayed, Hook was actually a teetotaler, methodist preacher and model soldier.​
Further to this, he had been awarded Good Conduct pay shortly before the battle"​
A cook winning a VC, who'd have thought it?
How about the gross misrepresentation of Asst Commisary James Langley Dalton and his guidance in the defence of Rourkes Drift, followed by the overinflation of the roles played by Chard and Bromhead, not forgetting the insult to all the 'brummies' in the 24th Foot, forced to sing "Men of Harlech" ? :mad:
Starship Troopers.

Make it like the book, but keep the gratuitous nudity.
Yes the original film is dogshitawful. The book is a gem.

I want to see the Mobile Infantry insertion from space and then the platoon assault "on the bounce"!
And watch the Y racks...

And "I'm a 30 second bomb! I'ma 30 second bomb! I'm a 29 second bomb!"

I'm studying for pension exams or I'd rererererereread it....
Not a remake, but a make - the EE "Doc" Smith "Lensman" series would make great movies

I disagree. The film is so far from the book as to be unrelated. It would be stupid to consider them together.
But unfortunately they are (considered together). The film claims to be based on the book and considering that many people would first see the film, that is the impression that they would take away of the book.
Witty never being a name associated with you. you dull cunt. Or tours / me. yes yeszzzz

OT - Starship Troopers, sticking to the book this time.
LOL so witty of you answering 2 years later that told me

Pull the string dearie
Battle of Britain, with real names used for the pilots seen onscreen, especially the guy in the white top, who should have been "Sailor" Malan instead of Skipper as played by Robert Shaw, and CGI-aircraft which were period-correct. Which would solve one of my niggles with the Sixties original - almost every plane seen on screen had Merlin engines in them. On both sides. The Bf-109 looks ugly with a Merlin in the snout.

Oh, and have Emily Blunt play the role of Maggie Harvey because she's gorgeous.
I'd remake Brokeback Mountain but with the current fashion for all female casts.

The Wicker Man. . . But this time, Nicolas Cage is literally burnt alive with all the copies of his 2006 version.
That was a comedy classic, no way could they have made that funnier.
Battle of the Bulge.

CGI'd tanks advancing across the plains. German ones, not dodgy M60's or Sheridens.



And we keep Robert Shaw, exactly as he was, though he may need a bigger tank.


Some more tits.

Another remake that would be a good call would be the Wicker Man

Unlike the Nicolas Cage abomination, this wouldn't be a comedy but would be a frame by frame reproduction of the original film but this time with Muppets

Something like this,,,


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