What film would benefit from a remake?

Although not technically a film, it was a two part effort, Stephen King's "IT" is perfect for a remake. The book terrified me and the original film had good moments but not scary enough, It was ruined by the pathetic special effects regarding "IT", stupid trash looking spider thing. They could make it really scary now and make "IT" a proper monster when it appears at the end.


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ffs...I am sick of remakes, reboots, reimaginings and every other bloody thing beginning with 're'!

get some sodding new ideas and stop recycling old ones, hollywood. you shower of *******.
A Bridge Too Far... with a bit more truth about the British leadership effect on the outcome... hopefully not advised by past British General Staff. And, a bit more on the real battle the men on the bridge faced, and the subsequent escape and evasion. And, a bit more than three Dakotas taking off being filmed from different angles umpteen bloody times.
'True Grit'

.......ah-hang on.


Eddie Murphy plays Cetawayo. The Zulus win. Tom Cruise as Lt Chard wins all the VCs but is rogered to death by a whole impi of 6 footers.

'Spice Girls-The Movie'. Ann Widdecombe plays all of them.
The Cruel Sea and The Dambusters
Animal Farm - every copy I have seen was on terrible worn out VHS. I reckon some of that HD DVD magic in Dolby 5.1 Surround would be mega on my massive widescreen home cinema whilst I slowly tug myself into oblivion in my oversized leather chair.
This is the one starring Bodil Joenson, not the Orwell allegory, right?
U571 with the Royal Navy

Escape to Victory with Peter Shilton in goal

Battle of the Bulge with Montgomery stopping the breakthrough not Kojak

To Hell and Back with someone a bit taller and more believable than Audie Murphy. How he got the gig is beyond me
Zulu. But done in the style of Blackhawk Down, which to all intents, it actually was - and nothing like the blancoed, Welsh glory-fest that Cy Enfield depicted.

The Battle of Britain: using no big names whatsoever and lots of top end CGI with Ju88s and Do17s. Very do-able after watching Ashcroft's new tv series on 5.

Trafalgar. Not a remake, but a newmake. Why has it not been done?

Deep Throat: starring the former French justice minister Rachida Dati. Oooooh yeeees! I'd buy that for a dollar!
Devil Rides Out and Night Of The Demon. Great storylines, and with today's special effects, these would be brilliant movies.

Oliver, but with a more politically incorrect twist. Oliver does not discover his long lost grandfather who rescues him from crime and poverty, but becomes Bill Sykes's apprentice. Over the next ten years or so, with a few spells in gaol, he becomes a far more menacing thug than Bill ever could be.
She loved animals so much... she fucked them! She makes Victor Kiam seem a little lightweight.

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