What film have you just watched?

As long as we have our "that rifle" with a magazine of 20 rounds load the Russians should be concerned.:D


Mine. USMC sniper team do their thing, trog to an RV through the North African desert. Spotter goofs off after they find a warning sign and gets zapped. Sniper steps forward, hears a click from underfoot. Spends an age with his foot in one spot. Load of tonk - is he being attacked by hyenas or is he imagining it? Is he brought water by a Berber villager or isn't he? Is he really at home pissing his wife off or is he really in the desert?

Last night. The Accountant starring Ben Affleck.
Affleck plays an accountant who because of his aspergers or some such condition is a brilliant mathematician and has a reputation for cooking the books for some very dodgy people.
Naturally there's much more to it and you'd think that Affleck is more of a hit man at times.
His preffered method of seeing off the bad guys is a double tap to the face, nice. He doesn't like to waste time with unnecessary brawling etc.
Very enjoyable with frequent flashbacks to his childhood to explain how he became what he is.

An easy 8/10 rotten toms.
Small drift: The story was penned by the same man who made 'Ozark'..
'Up in the Air', having been commanded to watch by the Netflix Brainwash Utility. This stars Clooney and that bird from The Accountant, who's actually quite good in this. Clooney, though normally considered by me as a a smug and annoying cont, is also quite good*. The flick, however, is very American, with an American background, American issues and American sentimentality infusing the whole. I suppose that it could translate quite well to anywhere else in the commercial world, mind.

It took me back to a meeting in a klasse resort bar in upstate Toronto, on a company breakaway (or whatever they called it) when I was with a couple of my rather more exuberant companions (Irish and Canadian FFL types) and two sassy local ladies (not tarts); I quickly excused myself as the conversation, from the first word, was Arrse/Naafi bar-like and it was clear what those parties wanted and would get. You wouldn't expect that scenario in any of the Gentleman's establishments I usually patronise.

Not the sort of film I'd normally be drawn into passing the time (no explosive bleeding, death threats or battleship action) but worth the watch.

*Good voice; Richard Burton had the best, but Clooney's been training his.
Bored at work so stuck on London Has Fallen to watch for the umpteenth time.

Obviously such films require you to suspend reality for the duration though the fact that you're expected to believe that two terrorists could infiltrate a platoon of the 'Queen's Guardsmen' without anyone questioning it is bemusing.

Other than that enjoy the bangs and bullets in between Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler noshing each other off (wouldn't surprise me if Gerry let the wife die in the first film as she grew suspicious of their bromance).
The Man from Toronto on Netflix.

Woody Harrelson plays a mysterious torturer for the criminal underworld who by a quirk of fate is mistaken for Kevin Hart, who is taking a break from his usual roles and is playing an annoying, bong eyed mong.

The FBI have asked KH to carry on the masquerade as the titular Man and much hilarity ensues . . . . . if you're undergoing brain surgery.

Dire beyond belief and poor old Woody must be short of cash or Netflix have compromising photos of him.

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